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Residents In Wichita Can’t Agree What The Unusual Flying Object Was They Saw In Sky

Residents of Wichita can’t agree what the unusual flying object was they saw in the sky. (Photo courtesy of KAKE)

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CIA Once Built Robot Spy Catfish Named Charlie

CIA once built a robot spy catfish named Charlie. (Photo courtesy of CIA)

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New York Woman Finds Empty Apartment Behind Bathroom Mirror

New York woman finds vacant apartment behind bathroom mirror. (Photo courtesy of National Post)

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Airbus Encounters Unidentified Fast Moving Cylindrical Object Over New Mexico

Airbus encounters unidentified fast moving cylindrical object over New Mexico. (Photo courtesy of

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Amber Bekkerud Returns! Security/Trail Cam Videos Of Weird And Unexplained: You can Participate!

She’s Baaaaack!! And We’ve Sure Missed Her!  Spaced Out Radio Welcomes Back Amber Bekkerud And Her Unique Videos Security/Trail Cam Footage Of The Weird And Unexplained;…

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Nuclear Reactor May Help Identify Metal Believed To Be From Amelia Earhart’s Plane

Scientists from Penn State hope using a nuclear reactor will identify piece of metal believed to be part of Amelia Earhart’s plane. (Photo courtesy…

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Stray Russian Dogs To Be Checked After Turning Blue

Stray Russian dogs to be checked after turning blue. (Photo courtesy of LADBible)

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New Theory Suggests Oumuamua Not Alien Craft, But Instead, Nitrogen Iceberg

New theory suggests interstellar visitor, Oumuamua, was not an alien craft, but instead, a nitrogen iceberg. (Photo courtesy of

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Netflix Series To Explore Mysterious Death Of Elisa Lam At LA’s Cecil Hotel

Netflix series to explore mysterious death of Elisa Lam at LA’s Cecil Hotel. (Photo courtesy of People)

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A New Group Of Tourists Has Gone Missing At Dyatlov Pass

A group of tourists has gone missing in an infamous Russian mountain pass where nine people died under mysterious circumstances more than 60 years ago….

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