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Parts Of Northern Europe Report Mysterious Radiation Spike

Mysterious radiation spike has been reported over parts of Northern Europe. (Photo courtesy of

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Ring Of Large Shafts Found Near Stonehenge

A ring of large shafts discovered near Stonehenge form the largest prehistoric monument ever discovered in Britain, archaeologists believe. (Photo courtesy of PA Wire)

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The Trouble With Counting Aliens; Where Is Everybody?

The trouble with counting aliens; where is everybody? (Photo courtesy of Ramin Rahimiam/New York Times/Redux)

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Dark Matter Experiment Detects Something Weird

Extremely sensitive dark matter experiment detects something weird. (Photo courtesy of XENON Collaboration)

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Mysterious Network Of Underwater Rivers Surrounds Australian Coast

A mysterious network of underwater rivers appears to surround the Australian coast. (Photo courtesy of

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South Florida Scientists Believe They Have Evidence Of Giant Squid And Shark Encounter

South Florida scientists believe they have evidence of giant squid and shark encounter. (Photo courtesy of Miami Herald)

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Green Fireball In Western Australia Night Sky A Mystery

A bright, green fireball was spotted over Western Australia’s night skies on Sunday but its origin remains a bit of a mystery to scientists.…

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A Mysterious Continuously Active Object Has Been Discovered In Jupiter’s Orbit

A mysterious continuously active object has been discovered in Jupiter’s orbit. (Photo courtesy of

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Fuzzy Green ‘Glacier Mice’ Baffle Scientists

Fuzzy, green, mouse-like glacier moss baffles scientists. (Photo courtesy of WAMU)

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Supercomputer Simulates Demise Of Neanderthals

Supercomputer simulates the demise of Neanderthals, and what caused it. (Photo courtesy of Smithsonian Institution)

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