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Supercomputer Simulates Demise Of Neanderthals

Supercomputer simulates the demise of Neanderthals, and what caused it. (Photo courtesy of Smithsonian Institution)

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Wild Turkey Decapitated, Duck Eggs Broken At Bird Sanctuary In Roswell, New Mexico

Decapitated turkey and broken duck eggs found at bird sanctuary in Roswell, New Mexico. Authorities have no clue who or what is responsible. (Photo…

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Mysterious X-37B Space Plane Successfully Launched Into Space For 6th Mission

The mysterious X-37B space plane has been successfully launched into space for its 6th mission. (Photo courtesy of New York Post)

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Two Russian Doctors Dead, Third In ICU After Mysteriously Falling Out Of Hospital Windows

Two Russian doctors are dead, and a third is in ICU after mysteriously falling out of hospital windows. (Photo courtesy of AP)

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Graduate Student Creates Interactive Map Of Newfoundland Ghost Ships Along With Stories Of Ghosts, Pirates, Phantom Murders

Graduate student creates interactive map along with stories of ghost ships, lights, and phantom murders around Newfoundland. (Photo courtesy of MapHub)

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Tiktok Users Spot Suspicious Figure In ‘Home Alone’ Video

Tiktok users spot a suspicious figure on stairs in ‘home alone’ video. (Photo courtesy of Tiktok)

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Colorado Man Dies Looking For Forrest Fenn Treasure

Man from Colorado has died looking for Forrest Fenn’s treasure. (Photo courtesy of News 9))

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Anonymous Customer In Texas Leaves $9,400 Tip

Anonymous customer in Texas restaurant leaves $9,400 tip. (Photo courtesy of Newschannel 6 Now)

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MJ Banias Interviews Brandon Fugal, The Man Who Bought Skinwalker Ranch From Robert Bigelow

MJ Banias interview with Brandon Fugal, the man who bought Skinwalker Ranch. He has finally come out of the shadows about the ranch and his…

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Baby Tadpoles Breathe By Bubble Sucking

Baby tadpoles breathe by ‘bubble sucking’. (Photo courtesy of Daily Campus)

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