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  • Aug. 3/21 - Let's Talk UFOs with Nicole Sakach
    Nicole Sakach is a research assistant to legendary researcher Grant Cameron. Nicole is an experiencer and a brilliant mind at putting the puzzle pieces together to helping put together the UFO mystery from the government on down to the experiencers.
  • Aug. 2/21 - Searching For UFOs with Jason Guillemette
    Jason Guillemette is a Canadian podcaster with a popular podcast called UAP Studies Podcast. Jason's goal is to bring a collection of top researchers, scientists and experiencers together to try and bring logic and an analytical approach to these craft flying in our skies.
  • July 30/21 - The SOR Round Table
    The final Friday of the month, host Dave Scott brings in some friends to discuss the month that way in the paranormal and supernatural realms. Dave is joined by weekend host, Lynn Wallington, Gary Spikes, Jr., Lu Jimenez, Science Bob McGwier, Tom Whitmore and Jon Hudson.
  • July 29/21 - What's In The Skies with Ross Coulthart
    Ross Coulthart is a professional investigative journalist from Australia, most recently with 60 minutes Australia. He has come into the UFO world as a credible source of gathering facts and information regarding what could be the largest story in the world, asking the tough questions about whether or not we are alone.
  • July 28/21 - Holographic Earth with Andrew Saporito
    Andrew Saporito will take a look at the idea of the earth and moon being holographic. His website is 4thwoke.com and his YouTube name is Boogie Man. On YouTube, Andrew takes a look at all sorts of fringe topics and bring common sense to them.
  • July 27/21 - Investigating UFOs and ET Contact with Katie Graboski
    Katie Griboski is the MUFON State Director for Colorado. She is also a part of MUFON's Special Cases Inivestigative Unit. She's an accomplished author. Her website is www.katiegriboski.com
  • July 26/21 - Strange Days with Butch Witkowski
    The final Monday of every month we are proud to be joined by former police officer, turned cryptid and paranormal investigator, Butch Witkowski from UFORCOP.com, based out of Pennsylvania. Butch is on the prowl for any monster roaming central and eastern United States. The more he looks, the more questions he has for the sightings […]
  • July 23/21 - Black Projects and UFOs with James Goodall
    Author James (Jim) Goodall is a legend among authors when it comes to some of America's biggest aviation and military secrets. He was the first ever civilian to photograph the F-117 Stealth Fighter back in the early 1990's. You can find any of Jim's books in any major book store and online.
  • July 22/21 - Our Cryptid World with Varla Ventura
    Varla Ventura stops by once a month to talk all about the monsters among us. The Queen of the Cryptid world, Varla's books can be found in every major book store, where she specializes in witches, banshees, werewolves, vampires and everything dark. Her website is varlaventura.net
  • July 21/21 - Ghosts of the Great White North
    Yes!!!! MERLE is back for Ghosts of the Great White North, where we'll get into everything paranormal, ghostly and supernatural. Tonight, our special guest is Matt Ley from 'The Mudutu Effect', looking into the scientific aspects of the paranormal.
  • July 20/21 - Extraordinary: The Revelations with Jon Sumple
    Jon Sumple is one of three co-founders of J3Films, J3Films is also the producers of the 'Extraordinary' documentaries, covering UFOs and Hybridization programs.
  • July 19/21 - Megalodon Exists! OR does it? With Max Hawthorne
    Known as the Prince of Paleo-Fiction, author Max Hawthorne comes in to talk about sea monsters of the freaky variety. Does megalodon still exist? Krakens? As well as other sea creatures that would swallow a human whole just because it could.
  • July 16/21 - The Crypto Guru, Ronald Murphy
    Award winning author and researcher, Ronald L. Murphy, Jr., otherwise known as 'The Crypto Guru', is back to detail and tell tall tales of the monsters that are among us. Ron's books can all be found on Amazon, regarding creatures from sea monsters, to bigfoot and faeries.
  • July 15/21 - UFOs and ET Contact with Dev Rugne
    Dev Rugne is a research team member of MUFON and the North American Dogman Project. Based out of California, Dev is continually seeking answers from eye witnesses to their accounts of strange phenomenon.
  • July 14/21 - Science Bob & Friends
    Science Bob and friends sees Dr. Bob McGwier, former head scientist with Virginia Tech University, talking some UFOs, UAP, and the latest 'Disclosure' news with our special guest, blogger and citizen journalist, Danny Silva of the Silva Record.