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  • March 31/20 - The Mandela Effect with Cali (Jennifer Dolynny)
    Cali, a youtube researcher, also known as Jennifer Dolynny, is someone who's looked deep into the history of the Mandela Effect, Morgellons Disease and Artificial Intelligence. She believes there has been some sort of strange trend with the Mandela Effect. Are people mis-remembering, or has there actually been a shift in our timeline?
  • March 30/20 - Strange Days with Butch Witkowski
    Butch Witkowski is the lead investigator and creator of UFORCOP.com, based out of Pennsylvania. Butch comes in the final Monday of every month to talk about some of the high strangeness going on in this world.
  • March 29/20 "SPACED OUT SUNDAY," with JEFFREY MISLOVE, Ph.D.
    Dr. Jeffrey Mislove, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist, an accomplished radio and television interviewer, and one of the most erudite and articulate personalities on television. He is the host of "New Thinking Allowed," an ongoing You Tube based series. Jeffrey's website is www.newthinkingallowed.com.
  • March 28/20 The Strange World of Allen Marston
    Known in many circles as "The Paranormal Gentleman", Allen Marston is a longtime paranormal investigator, lecturer, trainer, writer, and current administrator for the National Paranormal Society.Outside of the field, Allen is a Professional Firefighter and Hazardous Material Specialist in the state of Virginia.He has been featured at many paranormal conventions around the southern U.S. speaking […]
  • March 27/20 - The SOR Round Table
    The final Friday of the month, host Dave Scott brings in some friends to debate and discuss the month that was on the SOR Paranormal Round Table. We'll be discussing ghosts, UFOs, Monsters and more.
  • March 26/20 - The Zodiac Killer with Gian Quasar
    Since 1990, one of the most prolific, unsolved serial murders has intrigued author, Gian Quasar. Quasar loves writing about anomalous, mysterious subjects from strange experiences to serial killers. Tonight we get into the Zodiac Murders that haunted San Francisco more than 35 years ago.
  • March 25/20 - The Strange Life of John Tenney
    John Tenney is one of the foremost researchers, authors and lecturers of the paranormal in the United States. John's website, www.weirdlectures.com has Mr. Tenney traveling all over America looking into strange cases and occurrences regarding paranormal phenomena.
  • March 24/20 - A Paranormal World with Micah Hanks`
    Micah Hanks is a well known writer, author and researcher of the unknown. His love of everything paranormal combined with history, philosophy and archaeology has brought forward intriguing information on how we got to where we are today. A fascination with UFOs and the culture behind the phenomenon is one of the stories that Micah […]
  • March 23/20 - Ghosts, Legends, Hauntings with Janice Oberding
    Long time paranormal researcher and author, Janice Oberding, joins us from Reno, Nevada, where she has investigated and written about some of the most prolific hauntings in her state. Janice has appeared on numerous television shows, and productions regarding the content she has researched.
  • March 21/20 ITC Voices with Tim Woolworth
    With a lifetime of interest in the paranormal, Tim Woolworth has been investigating for around two decades. Along the way he was introduced to a "Shack Hack" ghost box and the rest was history. Tim had such an amazing session at Gettysburg in 2010 that the very next month he launched his website, ITCVoices.org. He […]
  • March 20/20 - Supernatural Stories with Paul & Ben Eno
    The father-son braodcast and research team of Paul & Ben Eno have been the hosts of the 'Behind The Paranormal' for the last 12-years. Combined, they have over 65-years of stories, lectures, and studied cases from around the world surrounding the paranormal phenomenon.
  • March 19/20 - Let's Talk Bigfoot with Kewaunee Lapseritis
    Kewaunee Lapseritis has been researching Saquatch for the last 60-years. Living in Washington State, a hotbed for Bigfoot activity, Kewaunee believes we're dealing with a breed of wild people in the forests who are communicating with those who take the time to gain the trust of the species.
  • March 18/20 - Ghosts of the Great White North
    The third Wednesday of every month, we bring in Michael 'MERLE' Morin for Ghosts of the Great White North. Our special guest tonight is former United States Marine, Megan Gehring, who is also an astral traveler, helping people deal with their paranormal and extraterrestrial contact.
  • March 17/20 - The UFO/Paranormal Phenomenon with Joshua Cutchin
    Johsua Cutchin is a top writer and researcher when it comes to all things paranormal. He's written three books, with a fourth on the way, this time about Bigfoot, due out this spring. Joshua's love for UFOs, Bigfoot, faeries and everything else supernatural, started as a kid, and is fulfilling his dream of finding out […]