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  • Aug. 10/20 - Wild Utah with Ron Johnson
    Ron Johnson is a researcher and an experiencers of all things strange and weird in Utah. Brushes with aliens and UFOs, sightings of Sasquatch. On the trail of Skinwalkers. Ron's been taking up the paranormal cause since he moved to the state in 1971. And nearly 50 yeas later, the adventure continues.
  • "Spaced Out Sunday" August 09/20, with Mark Dawidziak
    Twilight Zone, Kolchak,Mark Twain & Charles Dickens
  • Aug. 7/20 - The ET Connection with R Keith Andrews
    The first Friday each month we turn the WOO to max, as R Keith Andrews is back with another edition of the ET Connection. A lifelong experiencer of the ET, and supernatural world, Keith helps counsel people who've had their own experiences they can't explain. We are also joined by special guest, Nicole Sakach, who […]
  • Aug. 6/20 - What About UFOs? with Sean Esbjorn-Hargens
    PhD., Sean Esbjorn-Hargens is looking up in the sky trying to wonder what is out there. Sean has spent his life developing metainetegral approaches to the fields of ecology and animal consciousness, mixed methods research, integral psychology, philosophy of science, holistic education and anew post-capitalist models measuring social impact. Sean also has a keen sense […]
  • Aug. 5/20 - Pyramid Messages with Gary Parker
    An off-encounter with an extraterrestrial a few years back has led Gary Parker down a road of discovery. On July 26th, 2016, Gary dreamed he was with an alien who started talking to him telepathically. It led to visions of Egypt and the great pyramids. How does this all tie together? Listen in!
  • Aug. 4/20 - The Spiritual You with Geraldine Orozco
    From San Francisco, California, monthly contributor to Spaced Out Radio, Geraldine Orozco is back for the 'Spiritual You'. Here we get into everything from healing and wellness to what it's like to have extraterrestrial experiences.
  • "SPACED OUT SUNDAY" August 02/20, DINA RAE
    Conspiracy Theories, Religion, UFOs & New World Order
  • July 31/20 - The SOR Round Table
    To end each month, host Dave Scott brings in some friends to have a round table discussion to talk about the month that was when it came to UFOs, Monsters and the paranormal in general.
  • July 30/20 - UFOs Past To Present with Nicole Sakach
    Nicole Sakach is part of the new, brilliant breed of UFO researcher who is dogged in finding out facts and information that previously stumped many. Her current role as research assistant to the legendary Grant Cameron, has Nicole looking into everything from the Wilson Documents to Stanton Friedman's personal archives.
  • July 29/20 - Live Ghost Box with Bill Hauser
    Bill Hauser is a long time paranormal investigator from Vancouver, British Columbia, where he specializes in the 'Ghost Box'. A mechanical device that allows spirits to communicate in real time with those asking the questions.
  • July 28/20 - Rock N' Reincarnation with Susan Masino
    For over 30-years, Susan Masino has lived a life of Rock N' Roll. DJ'ing, writing, reporting, as she has talked to hundreds of music's biggest stars. She also has an intense love for everything paranormal, as she combines her two loves together to author books which can be found on Amazon. www.susanmasino.com
  • July 27/20 - Strange Days with Butch Witkowski
    The final Monday of each month, we get 'strange' with Butch Witkowski from UFORCOP.com. Butch, for the last 20+ years has been studying, researching and investigating stories, legends and eye witness accounts of creatures that shouldn't exist throughout North America.
  • July 26/20 "Spaced Out Sunday," with Brian Snoddy
    JFK Assassination....!
  • July 24/20 - Life Work with Jim Hunt
    Acclaimed psychic medium Jim Hunt comes in to talk about what it's like to be a 'Ghost Counsellor'. The life long gifts he has help people on a daily basis either in the paranormal or as a certified life coat. His website is www.jimhuntofficial.com
  • July 23/20 - Crop Circles with Dr. Simeon Hein
    Dr. Simeon Hein, PhD Sociology, has been studying remote viewing, crop circles, UFOs and other phenomenon for almost 30-years. He's a successful author, and loves teaching people about some of earth's top mysteries. His website is www.simeonhein.com