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  • Sept. 29/20 - Writing About UFOs with Preston Dennett
    There are very few in the UFO world who research and write about the stories of UFOs and ET Contact more than Preston Dennett. One of the nicest authors you can meet in this field, Preston has covered everything from UFO sightings over schools to movie theaters, as well at ET Contact and Abduction. His […]
  • Sept. 28/20 - Strange Days with Butch Witkowski
    From UFORCOP.com, we bring in the crankiest curmudgeon in cryptids, Mr. Butch Witkowski, and his monthly feature we call, 'Strange Days'. For more than 20-years, Butch has been searching for answers to the anomalous questions regarding everything paranormal.
  • SPACED OUT SUNDAY, Sept 27/20 Michael Carter
    Extraterrestrials in the Holy Bible
  • Sept. 25/20 - The SOR Round Table
    The final Friday of every month, host Dave Scott brings in some friends to sit down, relax, discuss and debate the month that was in the weird and strange. Joining Dave tonight are GUFON's Rich Giordano, Researcher & Experiencer Nicole Sakach, The Quest, Roy Washington and Corrence The Booking Guy!
  • Sept. 23/20 - Psychic Cop Chuck Bergman
    Chuck Bergman is a retired police officer who started developing his own intuition as a teenager. Today, Chuck uses those gifts to help others through tough life situations. Including helping police departments with details of cold cases!
  • Sept. 23/20 - Ghosts of the Great White North
    Ghosts of the Great White North sees Paranormal Road Trippers', MERLE, join us to talk some ghosts as he normally does once a month! This time though, we have a special treat for you. Famed Canadian and world renowned fiddler, Ashley MacIsaac joins us to tell us why he believes in the paranormal with some […]
  • Sept. 22/20 - Who's Making Crop Circles? With Marcus Allen
    Marcus Allen is a studious researcher and skeptic to many of the biggest conspiracies the world has to offer. When it comes to crop circles, Allen, who is the British distributor and publisher of Nexus Magazine looks to bring the news behind who's making these incredible pieces of art in farmer's fields around the world.
  • Sept. 21/20 - Where's Bigfoot Hiding? With Cliff Barackman
    Reality Television star and big named Bigfoot researcher Cliff Barackman is here to debate and discuss all matters of the legendary Sasquatch. While falling in love with the sciences at an early age, combined with his love of nature, Cliff decided he could combine both skills and look to prove or disprove the theory of […]
    Author, Lecturer, "The Prince of Paleo Fiction"
  • "SPACED OUT SUNDAY," Sept 13/20, with Matt Adams
    Mysterious New England Stone Structures, Lecturer, Researcher
  • Sept. 11/20 - Bigfoot Recon with Nate Rudd & Rich Germeau
    Two of the best Sasquatch investigators and researchers in Washington State, Nate Rudd and Rich Germeau join us to talk about the legends of Bigfoot in the Pacific Northwest!
  • Sept. 10/20 - Our Cryptid World with Varla Ventura
    One of our favourite authors, when it comes to monsters, legends and folklore, is back. Varla Ventura is one of the most successful researchers and authors talking all things monstrous. Her website is www.varlaventura.net.
  • Sept. 9/20 - Science Bob & Friend with Special Guest Brandon Fugal
    The second Wednesday of the month, we are joined by 'Science' Bob McGwier for Science Bob and Friends, where we take a deep look into the scientific side of everything paranormal and supernatural. Tonight, we are proud to be joined by the owner of the famous, 'Skinwalker Ranch', Mr. Brandon Fugal. Mr. Fugal will answer […]
  • Sept. 8/20 - Writers of the Future with John & Emiy Goodwin
    The tandem, husband and wife team of John and Emily Goodwin have been searching for the top writers that have yet to be discovered. They are part of Writers of the Future, where it's a friendly competition to see who are the top writers who are waiting for their big break.
  • Sept. 7/20 - UFO Deception with Philip Kinsella
    Philip Kinsella is an award winning author and psychic/medium has a life long history of looking into thought provoking theories and phenomena. His personal journey is unbelieveable. Philip believes we've been lied to by higher establishments about the true phenomenon that's going on.