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  • May 22/20 - Dave's Birthday Show with Ian Holt & OPEN LINES
    Tonight on Spaced Out Radio, host Dave Scott will host his annual birthday celebration with friends in the field of the paranormal and supernatural, along with all of you. We're opening up the lines at 1-702-302-4556. So call on in and say hello.
  • May 21/20 - Witchcraft with Lynn Hartrum
    Lynn Hartrum is an experiencer of events in ufology and is a practicing witch with her own fresh, youtube channel called 'Paranormal Spirits' where she enjoys a glass of wine and tells spooky stories. Tonight we are going to get into spells, curses, witchcraft and all things creepy!
  • May 20/20 - Ghosts of the Great White North
    The third Wednesday of the month, we bring in 'MERLE' from Ghosts of the Great White North to discuss all things paranormal and supernatural from around North America. Tonight's Special guest is Saskatchewan paranormal investigator, Matt Lay. We'll discuss all merits of the paranormal from investigation techniques to incredible experiences and stories!
  • May 19/20 - Skinwalker Ranch with Erica Lukes
    Erica Lukes is a long time UFO researcher, historian, and studious collector of secrets when it comes to Skinwalker Ranch. Her husband, Chris, is an ex-guard at the famed Ranch, working for Robert Bigelow. We get an update on what's happening at Skinwalker Ranch today!
  • May 18/20 - UFO History with William Pullin
    UFOs have a deep seeded history over the last 70-years, but is there room for the UFO past in today's UFO studies and events? UFO historian William Pullin joins us to discuss the history and the level of important it has when we look at the recent happenings and publicity the subject of UAPs has […]
  • May 17/20 - Dr. Rita Louise, Ancient Mysteries, Ufology & Mythology.
    Dr. Rita Louise asks the important questions about our very existence as a species....!
  • May 16/20 - NETWORK REPLAY
    Tonight's replay takes us to Somerset, Kentucky, where we take a look at the strangeness in the state of Kentucky from goblins to ghosts.
  • May 15/20 - The Stardust Ranch with John Edmonds
    John Edmonds and his wife purchased what was supposed to be their dream property in the desert of Arizona. Little did they know in 1996 that they've got aliens. John and his friend, Bruce MacDonald, come to talk about the mystifying happenings at Stardust Ranch.
  • May 14/20 - Animal Communication with Karen Anderson
    Can we communicate with our pets, both on this plain and in the afterlife? Tonight, best selling author and researcher Karen Anderson has those answers for us. She is the CEO of Animal Communication Planet and has won numerous international awards for her books on the afterlife.
  • May 13/20 - Reality Paranormal with Dr. Chris Cogswell, William Pullin & Chris Zuger
    The second Wednesday of every month we let the 'WOO' sail away for some reality in the paranormal. We are joined by Dr. Chris Cogswell, UFO Historian William Pullin, and UFO bad boy, Chris George Zuger! We look into the scientific and real side to paranormal and supernatural encounters.
  • May 12/20 - MiLab Conspiracy with Melinda Leslie
    Melinda Leslie has been in Ufology for over 30 years and she's one of the top researchers when it comes to alien abductions, military abductions and the governmental insiders that keep these secrets from the public. An experiencer herself, Melinda will get in depth with the dangerous and thought provoking trauma these experiences can cause […]
  • May 11/20 - Live Ghost Box Sessions with Bill Hauser
    Every couple of months we try to communicate with the 'dead' through live ghost box sessions with Vancouver, British Columbia paranormal investigator, Bill Hauser. Bill has been investigating the paranormal for more than 20-years. He's also considered one of the top users of the ghost box in North America.
  • May 10/20 - "Shakespeare Supressed," with author Katherine Chiljan.
    Was William Sharespeare, the famous resident of Stratford-Upon-Avon, the actual author of all those classic plays as we've all been told....?
  • May 9/20 - NETWORK REPLAY - Media and UFOs
    Tonight, we bring you a network replay of an episode from September 2nd, 2019 from long time Vancouver, British Columbia News Editor, Bruce Claggett, talking about the media and UFOs.
  • May 8/20 - Child Intuition with Dr. Julie Von
    Dr. Julie Von is a Manhattan based holistic Doctor who has studied the intuition of children and the effects on the child. Dr. Von is one of the youngest Doctors in the USA to study Chinese medicine, where she received her degree from Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. She perfectly blends her medical education […]