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  • Jan. 20/21 - Ghosts of the Great White North with MERLE & Brandon Alvis
    The third Wednesday of each month, we are joined by my paranormal guru, MERLE from the Paranormal Road Trippers for Ghosts of the Great White North. Our special guest tonight is Brandon Alvis from the hit paranormal television series 'GhostHunters'.
  • Jan. 19/21 - Life Experienced with John Carty
    John Carty is a YouTuber who goes by RicanHavoc215. His channel is about discussing many of the paranormal and supernatural topics. However, John has rarely discussed his own experiences which started in childhood, leading to a major abduction and missing time as a teenager. Since then, the experiences have continued.
  • Jan. 18/21 - UFO Fundamentals with Anna Whitty
    British Author Anna Whitty loves to look into the history of UFOs from Roswell to alien encounters all around the world. Her book, 'UFOs: A Fundamental Truth' takes a deep look at the inner workings of some of the strangest phenomena built off of alien encounters.
  • Jan. 15/21 - Chasing UFOs with Blake & Brent Cousins
    Blake and Brent Cousins are best known for their extremely popular YouTube Channel, Third Phase of Moon. With over 773-thousand subscribers, they are the largest UFO channel on the platform. Recently, they've expanded, creating an Amazon series with the help of Richard Giordano, Dr. J., Doc Skinner, Quincy Roser, and Apolla Asteria
  • Jan. 14/21 - Searching For Ascension with Cheri Arellano
    Cheri Arellano is a wife, mother, and someone who is on this planet to help us heal, one individual at a time. Her personal journey began 20 years ago with an awakening while traveling through the middle east and Africa. Today, she spreads the love with those who seek it.
  • Jan. 13/21 - Science Bob & Friends with Dr. Bob McGwier & Special Guest James Goodall
    Tonight we talk about the sky above and the water below, because each of those areas are holding secrets we don't know about. 'Science' Bob McGwier and James Goodall will take us on a journey of black projects, submersables, and the UFOs and USOs that are being caught on radar!
  • Jan. 11/21 - RV to SSP with Sebastien Martin
    Sebastien Martin is a Canadian entrepreneur who is also an experiencer of extraterrestrial contact. This phenomenon eventually led Sebastien to leave the corporate world in order to find his spiritual path, which led him to meeting influential people revolved around remote viewing and the secret space program.
  • Jan. 8/21 - Calling All Cryptids with Jeremiah Fountain
    Jeremiah Fountain is a former professional MMA fighter, who now fights his way through the forests of the Eastern United States, looking to put a leg lock on Sasquatch. He's an experiencer of seeing Bigfoot along with the paranormal. His chase is to see whether or not we can prove the existence of this creature. […]
  • Jan. 7/21 - The Hollywood Experience with Christopher Peters
    Hollywood elite Christopher Peters has grown up in the beautiful confines of the Hollywood hills, with a famous Director father, a recognizable former step-mother in Barbara Streisand, and a stunning former wife, Sharon Stone. Living a lavish and interesting lifestyle from childhood on up, Christopher is now coming forward about a secret. A secret of […]
  • Jan. 6/21 - Soul Rescue with Rebs Baigent Shaw
    Rebs Baigent Shaw is a spiritualist and ascension expert, spiritual artist who helps rescue souls and clean them from negative energy. Her knack for healing people has made her one of the most popular spiritualists in Australia
  • Jan. 5/21 - The Spiritual You with Geraldine Orozco
    The first Tuesday of each month, we welcome in Geraldine Orozco, of BayAreaMeditation.com and GeraldineOrozco.com for 'The Spiritual You'! An experiencer and now a pranic healer, who helps others find their path in life through healing, meditation, yoga, and spiritual cleansing.
  • Jan. 4/21 - Mind, Body and Aliens with Pane Andov
    Opening up to the experience is what our guest, Pane Andov, author and researcher, brings to us. Andov writes and edits his own magazine called, 'The Sixth Sense'. Andov is looking to move the ball forward on the research regarding Astral Travel, UFOs, consciousness, telepathy and every other manifestation hidden from humanity.
  • Jan. 1/21 - The ET Connection with R Keith Andrews
    Happy New Year everyone! Let's turn up the WOO here to start 2021! R Keith Andrews comes in the first Friday every month to talk about ET Contact, Abductions and more with the ET Connection. A life long experiencer, Keith helps counsel people who've experienced the unknown. We are also joined by experiencer, and research […]
  • Dec. 30/20 - The Flat Earth Debate with David Weiss
    One of the most controversial conspiracies out there is whether or not the earth is flat. David Weiss offers up his opinions and research that the earth is not a globe but a flat plane.
  • Dec. 29/20 - The UFO Truth with Cheryl Costa
    One of the brightest minds in Ufology joins us, as award winner Cheryl Costa is one of the top journalists, researchers and authors of the UFO phenomenon. A Viet Nam veteran, Cheryl has been researching UFOs for the better part of 30 years. Being named Researcher of the Year in 2017 at the IUFOC.