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  • Oct. 26/20 - Strange Days with Butch Witkowski
    Long time paranormal investigator, Butch Witkowski joins us the final Monday of every month for our show, 'Strange Days'. The owner and lead investigator for Pennsylvania's UFORCOP.com, Butch has tracked everything from alien abductions, to hauntings and bi-pedal canines. One thing Butch knows for sure, is that he doesn't know what the hell is going […]
  • "Spaced Out Sunday," October 25/20 with Michael Lee Hill
    Indigenous Knowledge Keepers, Elders & Scholars of Star Knowledge...!
  • Oct. 23/20 - UFOs & MJ12 Cover Up with Tom Whitmore
    Since 1995, Tom Whitmore has had UFOs play a major part of his life. That's when he joined the MUFON Board of Directors to lead research into the UAP phenomenon. Now a retired financial analyst, Tom spends his days living in Washington, D.C., researching the secretive MJ12. Tom's blog is at www.tomwhitmoreblog.wordpress.com
  • Oct. 22/20 - Chasing The Paranormal with David Weatherly
    One of the top researchers of everything paranormal on this planet is David Weatherly. His website, www.eerielights.com is where you can find all of his books, and the long, arduous task he has at bringing validity and knowledge to the genre. For almost 40-years, David has been a prominent voice in discussion of cryptids, monsters, […]
  • Ocr. 21/20 - Ghosts of the Great White North
    MERLE is back with Ghosts of the Great White North, as we take a look at all things paranormal with one of Vancouver's top ghost investigators. MERLE has been looking for answers to the paranormal for the last decade. Talking Demons tonight with the team from Duo Daemonology!
  • Oct. 20/20 - Holzer's Hauntings with Dave Schrader & Shane Pittman
    Dave Schrader and Shane Pittman are two members of the great Holzer Files television team who are following the footsteps of the great ghost hunter, Hans Holzer and his amazing paranormal research. The two are here to talk some paranormal, ghosts, and share some spooky Halloween stories for all of us. We may touch on […]
  • Oct. 19/20 - Crypto Guru Time with Ronald Murphy
    The Crypto Guru, Ronald Murphy, is one of the top writers and researchers of all things paranormal and strange. Ron got his start in 2015, writing a book on the strangeness of Pennsylvania's Chestnut Ridge. Since then, the Crypto Guru's books and research have caught the attention of many television specials and conferences. We are […]
  • "Spaced Out Sunday," Oct. 18/20 with Michael W. Hall, J.D.
    Ghosts, Seances & Tales of True Hauntings....!
  • Oct. 16/20 - Paranormal Science with Alex Mistretta
    Alex Mistretta comes in to discuss the advancements that need to be made in the paranormal. A person who is logical and scientific, Alex believes real answers to the paranormal and supernatural are out there, but we're not investing enough scientific money to find out the truth.
  • Oct. 15/20 - A Different Future with Sean Patrick Hazlett
    Sean Patrick Hazlett is an author and a futurist who combines the two delightfully in discussing the thought of different futures and timelines. What would life be like if Kennedy wasn't assassinated, or Nazi Germany had won WWII? Deep questions to ponder, for sure!
  • Oct. 14/20 - Science Bob & Friends
    'Science' Bob McGwier joins host, Dave Scott for 'Science Bob & Friends'. Dr. McGwier is retired from the Science and Mathematics faculty of Virginia Tech University. Tonight, we bring in special guest John Alexander. The former Army Colonol is a legend in the U.S. military from his days in Viet Nam. Over the last number […]
  • Oct. 13/20 - Monsters Abound with Stan Gordon
    Since 1965, legendary monster tracker, Stan Gordon, has been travelling all over the United States and the world looking for elusive creatures that only eye witness accounts seem to describe. Bigfoot, Dogman, Ghosts, UFOs. There's plenty of strangeness abound for Stan, who says the longer he investigates, the weirder things seem to become.
  • Oct. 12/20 - Mt. Shasta Strangeness with Grant Cameron
    Grant Cameron is known as one of the most moving and high regarded researchers in the UFO phenomenon. From his work with whitehouseufos.com and looking into the consciousness side of the phenomena, Grant is diverse with his thinking and writing. He has authored more than 20 books on the subject. All can be found on […]
  • SPACED OUT SUNDAY, Oct 11/20 Reverend Bill McDonald
    Military Chaplain and Near Death Experiencer & PTSD Consultant, with "The Spiritual Warrior Ministries."
  • Oct. 9/20 - Timeless Wisdom with Christopher Penczak
    Christopher Penczak is a witch, teacher, writer and healing practitioner based out of New Hampshire. He practices upon the foundation of both modern and traditional witchcraft. Christopher founded the Temple of Witchcraft tradition and system of magickal training to help other learn the ways of witchery!