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  • Feb. 26/21 - The SOR Round Table
    The final Friday of each month, host Dave Scott brings in some friends to discuss the month that was on the SOR Round Table. Paranormal, supernatural talk. Get into some UFOs and other anomalies that made the month WOO!
  • Feb. 25/21 - The Haunted Series with David Weatherly & Ross Allison
    David Weatherly and Ross Allison are two of the top paranormal and supernatural researchers and authors in North America if not the world. They've teamed up at eerielights.com to write a series of 'Haunted' books. Their latest, which will come out in a couple of weeks, is called 'Haunted Jails'.
  • Feb. 24/21 - The ET Almanac with Craig Campobasso
    Author and film maker Craig Campobasso is a lifelong writer and researcher when it comes to UFOs and ET Contact. Starting with the incredible story of Frank E. Stranges and 'Valiant Thor'. Now, Craig has taken a more distinct approach in his new book, 'The Extraterrestrial Species Almanac', looking into the reports of ET Species.
  • The Man In Black, Luis Elizondo
    For the last three years, Luis Elizondo has been the face of ufology. The Man In Black, who's job used to be studying the subject of UFOs and anomalous happenings at the Pentagon under the AATIP program, is here to discuss what is going on in the skies around the world.
  • Feb. 22/21 - Strange Days with Butch Witkowski
    The crankiest man in the paranormal is back for 'Strange Days'. Butch Witkowski is the lead investigator and creator of UFORCOP.com. Butch's no nonsense attitude can be abrasive, but here his is chasing down monsters and ghosts all over Pennsylvania and the Eastern United States.
  • "SPACED OUT SUNDAY," (February 21/21) Wallace Wagner, Jr.
    UFOs and the Bible
  • Feb. 19/21 - Sex Cults, Aliens & Bigfoot with Krissy Eliot
    Journalist Krissy Eliot has taken her professional skills into searching into the unknown. Starting her career on the beat in San Francisco, she established herself and her journalistic reputation covering a story about a sex cult. As time has gone on, she's expanded her horizons and started questioning the phenomena of aliens, UFOs, and cryptids […]
  • Feb. 18/21 - Escaping From Eden with Paul Anthony Wallis
    Author Paul Anthony Wallis is a popular speaker, writer and researcher in the world of spirituality, mysticism, and mythology. Paul loves looking into the ancestral narratives and how they pertain to society and the world today.
  • Feb. 17/21 - Ghosts of the Great White North
    It's the third Wednesday of the month, which means MERLE is back for Ghosts of the Great White North. MERLE is part of The Paranormal Roadtrippers near Vancouver, British Columbia, as we talk ghosts tonight! Our special guest, from the television series 'Ghost Hunters', we are proud to speak with Mustafa Gatollari.
  • Feb. 16/21 - UFOlogy 2021 with Stephen Bassett
    Stephen Bassett is the head of the Paradigm Research Group as the only UFO lobbyist in Washington, D.C. For decades, Bassett has been challenging congress people, senators and anyone in the D.C. area that will listen that we need to learn about UFOs. With a change in parties and Presidents, Bassett believes that the time […]
  • Sasquatch Island with Thomas Sewid
    Thomas Sewid is a Canadian indigenous sasquatch researcher who is looking to help prove the existence of the legendary monster. Thomas is more unconventional than his counterparts, where he believes this is a flesh and blood creature that just hasn't been fully accepted as a real creature.
  • Spaced Out Sunday (02/14/101) Rick Osman
    Ancient Sites, and Paranormal Activity & Peoples
  • "SPACED OUT SUNDAY," February 14/21 Rick Osman
    A Wide Variety of Paranormal Topics...!
  • Feb. 12/21 - Pets & The Afterlife with Rob Gutro
    Author and psychic Rob Gutro is a paranormal investigator with Inspired Ghost Tracking in Maryland. Since he was a child Rob could receive messages from ghosts and spirits. now he specializes in communication with our pets that have crossed over to the other side.
  • Feb. 11/21 - Supernatural Happenings with Steve Stockton & Gemma
    Steve Stockton and his podcast partner, and online blogger, Gemma join us to talk about some of the mysteries that surround us. From missing people to UFOs and cryptids, their success in bringing forward these odd occurrences have their followers wondering what is all this strangeness going on in the world.