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  • June 14/21 - UFO Encounters with Preston Dennett
    Preston Dennett is one of the hardest working writers, researchers and authors when it comes to the UFO phenomenon. A staple at UFO conferences around the United States, Preston's research and connections have him detailing UFO and ET Encounters from around the world.
  • Jun 11/21 - The Crypto Guru, Ronald Murphy
    Author, historian, and cryptid researcher Ronald Murphy is better known as 'The Crypto Guru' around these parts. The Guru is one of the top cryptid authors in North America. A conference favourite and great public speaker, Ron's intelligent research into the history of monsters and legends are some of the best books on the markets […]
  • June 10/21 - The Business of UFOs with Tom Whitmore
    Tom Whitmore is a retired busnessman from Texas, who ran a quarter of a billion dollar financial company, and he's a member of the board of directors of MUFON. Tom's business expertise will take a serious look at the UAP drop and how UFOs have the potential to be a big business venture.
  • June 9/21 - Science Bob & Friends with Dr. Bob McGwier & Dr. Bruce Maccabee
    The second Wednesday of each month we are proud to be joined by resident Spaced Out Radio scientist, Dr. Bob McGwier and tonight's special guest, Dr. Bruce Maccabee. We are going into UFO history, the Aviary, and what's coming up from the Pentagon report on June 25th.
  • June 8/21 - Bigfoot Close Encounters
    It's the story of legends, as we are joined by Gary Spikes, Jr., Duke Sullivan and Bigfoot Michigan Rob tell some of the greatest investigative stories of bigfoot and sasquatch encounters.
  • June 7/21 - The UFO Debriefing with Cheryl Costa
    Cheryl Costa is one of the most respected and intelligent writers and researchers on the subject of UFOs. The long time journalist will be speaking at this month's Contact In The Desert, where she will talk about the statistics her and her wife Linda have compiled after years of research on the UFO phenomenon.
  • June 4/21 - The ET Connection with R Keith Andrews
    R Keith Andrews is a life long ET Contactee and experiencer who now helps counsel those who've had experiences of their own, in helping them understand what's happened to them and maybe why it's happened.
  • June 3/21 - Shadow Dimensions with Mike Ricksecker
    Mike Ricksecker is an accomplished author, researcher, and paranormal investigator looking into everything from aliens, to ghosts. His latest topic of interest is shadow people, and the dimensions they come from.
  • June 2/21 - Intruders & Visitation with Debbie Jordan-Kauble
    Debbie Jordan-Kauble was the central figure in Budd Hopkins' New York Times Best Seller, 'Intruders, the Incredible Visitations at Copely Woods' as well as the 1992 mini-series 'Intruders'. She's an author as well as a multiple contactee who's searching for answers for her ET Contact.
  • June 1/21 - The Spiritual You with Geraldine Orozco
    Geraldine Orozco, from Bay Area Meditation in San Francicso, California, is back for her monthly edition of 'The Spiritual You'. Geraldine is an experiencer of the unknown. Her telling tales have led her down the path of helping other comprehend the experiences they are undergoing.
  • May 31/21 - Strange Days with Butch Witkowski
    Butch Witkowski from UFORCOP.com, is back for 'Strange Days'. A no-nonsense investigator, Butch spends his time chasing monsters and tripping legends, looking for any answers to what's happening with these strange occurrences people are having.
  • May 28/21 - The SOR Round Table
    The final Friday of each month, host Dave Scott brings in a few people from the paranormal community to discuss the month that was when it comes to the weird and strange. Tonight we are joined by Lynn Wallington, Bryan Bowden, Gary Spikes, Jr., and Nate Rudd
  • May 27/21 - UFO Countdown with Tim McMillan
    Tim McMillan is a retired police officer, who is the co-founder of thedebrief.org, an online news site that dedicates itself to filing stories about major technology, military and UFOs. Tim has been tracking the UFO story for the last three years and has cultivated a healthy relationship in breaking some of the biggest UFO stories.
  • May 26/21 - Edging Towards Disclosure with Luis Elizondo & Sean Cahill
    In Hour One, Luis Elizondo will join us to discuss what's coming up in the UFO world leading up to the June 25th release of the Pentagon's UFO data.In Hour Two, Sean Cahill will discuss Disclosure and the effects it will have on people.In Hour three, Gary Shoefield will discuss the 'alien autopsy' NFT. Would […]
  • May 25/21 - Disclosure 2021 with Melinda Leslie and Daniel Sheehan
    Melinda Leslie is a UFO researcher very much in touch with what's happening on the 'Disclosure' front. An experiencer as well, Melinda has prided herself in working with others to bring the disclosure movement forward. Joining Melinda is lawyer and activist, Daniel Sheehan, who recently announced he is representing and advising Luis Elizondo and Chris […]