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Dave Scott is the creator and host of Canada’s ‘Spaced Out Radio’, running Monday through Friday nights at A former radio journalist, Dave graduated with a diploma in Broadcast Communications from one of Canada’s top Broadcasting Schools, BCIT, in 1998. Dave then spent nearly 10 years in radio, mostly working in sports, before leaving the field to pursue other interests.

Dave’s personal quest into the unknown started in December of 2011, when he had contact from what he calls The Angel of Death, that he saw in his mother’s eyes, which led to his first channeling experience. After this incident, Dave’s personal experiences started becoming more frequent. Paranormal experiences. Premonitions started coming true. A Big Foot sighting with two of the creatures within 100 feet of him. UFOs started appearing anytime he wanted, even though Dave had no idea what “summoning” was. Personal sightings of five extraterrestrial species, one who he’s nicknamed ‘Carl’.

On November 30th, 2014, Dave launched ‘Spaced Out Radio’. Dave’s near decade as a journalist helped him craft his style of interview, making it comfortable and personal for his guests and listeners alike. He looks at himself as one of the only trained and experienced radio journalists, who is also an multiple experiencer of the unknown.

Join Dave LIVE from 9PM-Midnight Pacific every weeknight

Lynn Wallington HS

Lynn Wallington

Lynn Wallington is the weekend host for Spaced Out Radio.  She has studied the UFO phenomena and worked with experiencers for the past 10 years.  As a lifelong contactee and experiencer of the paranormal, she has come to understand how these experiences have helped to shape her into the person she has become.  Her first paranormal experience happened at a young age, when she saw her great grandmother sitting at the edge of her bed one night, only to find out the next morning that she had passed away.  And since that defining moment, she’s had a fascination with all things paranormal.  Her interest in the paranormal and how it affects people led her to get a degree in Psychology from the University of Massachusetts.  After Lynn graduated, she worked for Harvard Medical School as a research assistant working with clients who had Schizophrenia and other forms of psychosis.

In her 30’s Lynn had her first conscious experience with a ufo, and shortly after had an experience with a mantis being. Her interest in the field of ufology and contact was sparked.  As time went on, Lynn began to put the pieces together and realize that some of the strange and unusual happenings throughout her life were tied to contact.  Using her own experiences and her background in Psychology, Lynn worked with FREE (The Dr Edgar Mitchell Foundation for Research into Extraterrestrial Encounters) where she helped to develop and run the Support Program for experiencers.  In doing so Lynn has had the privilege of talking with hundreds of experiencers where she helped them come to terms with their encounters. 



William Townsend is relatively new to the realm of Ufology and Paranormal, but his sound and podcast are quickly making him one of the best voices in digital radio. 
BigWilly who is still learning all the nuances of ufology and paranormal hosts the After Hours show with co-hosts, Gemma Jade and Jon Hudson on the weekends following Lynn Wallingtons show on Spaced Out Radio. 
BigWilly also hosts a once a week podcast Fridays 9pmET through (UFO Garage Podcast) with Joe and Ben on at 9pmET every thirsty Thursday.

Jon Hudson

Gemma Jade is a psychic From Northern New Jersey who has had encounters since the age of four with ghosts, Spirits, demons, fae creatures, extraterrestrials, shadow entities and more. She is also an author and writes about the fae and is working on books about other supernatural entities. She has a YouTube channel titled simply Gemma Jade and is head writer for the Missing Persons and Mysteries YouTube channel as well. Gemma Jade and Steve Stockton team up 2-3 times a week to stream live and give like minded individuals and subscribers a platform to tell their stories. Gemma also reads Oracle intuitively and gives personal readings for free or donation to any and all who email her.