SOR Vegas Party 2023

May 19th through May21, 2023

RSVP by sending your name and phone number to

Hey Spaced Out Radio Fans!!!

Our second annual Las Vegas Fan Party is coming up quickly!
If you have registered at, we need you to confirm your presence and whether or not you’re purchasing VIP tickets to our event! Regular tickets are $60. VIP tickets are $100, which include a swag bag and a special VIP Party on Friday night.
Contact Kat at and get your tickets confirmed today!
Event Schedule:
Friday, May 19, 2023
3pm to 5pm – Experiencers Get Together with Dave Scott, Keira, Melinda Leslie and Miesha Johnston at the Golden Nugget.
8pm to 10pm – VIP Party with Special Guests
Saturday, May 20th, 2023
11am to 7pm – Live YouTube Show at the Golden Nugget with the Spaced Out Radio Team and Special Guests. After, join Miesha Johnson and Melinda Leslie with Tim Seanor and Science Bob on a skywatch.
Sunday, May 21st, 2023
Free For All – Play poker with Carter Buschardt, Drive to Area 51, Go Shopping, Drink, and Play cuz we can!
Special Guests List: This list is subject to change and in no particular order.
Merle – Paranormal
Geraldine Orozco – Spirituality
Carter Buschardt – Bigfoot
Varla Ventura – Cryptids
Bigfoot Rob – Cryptids
Bryan Bowden – Cryptids
Ronald Murphy – Cryptids
‘Science’ Bob McGwier – UFOs
LaLa Bright – Intuitive
Joe Murgia – UFOs
Tim Seanor – UFOs
Michael Scratt – UFOs
Melinda Leslie – UFOs
Lorien Fenton – UFOs
Miesha Johnston – UFOs
Grant Cameron – UFOs
Jim Goodall – UFOs
Ben Jinkins – UFO Garage
Joe Strelsky – UFO Garage
Matt Ford – UFOs
Walter Bosley – UFOs
Damien Jay – Hoodoo Tall
Jurgen Hess – Hoodoo Tall
Random Guy – Random World