Inter-Dimensional Entities & Automatic Drawing

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by MoonJoey

Inter-Dimensional Entities & Automatic Drawing

This type of drawing is attributed in part to the subconscious and may reveal something of the psyche, which without this method, would otherwise be repressed, not to be known. Some think it is spirit control that influences producing the drawing while partially taking physical control of the person’s body.

In the interest of fairness and to offer opposing opinions to this belief, many could argue that ‘automatic drawing’ is not entirely automatic, that it involves some form of conscious intervention to make the image or painting visually acceptable or comprehensible, ” Andre Masson, a major Surrealist painter, for more than 60 years admitted that his ‘automatic’ imagery involved a two-fold process of unconscious and conscious activity.

I have found this not to be entirely true simply by observation of my white witch friend, Jesse. Her drawings are often, if not always, done blindfolded and I have extended an invitation to her to send me a short letter describing what she does. You will find that letter included at the end of this article. She has specific procedures that precede her drawings that include meditation to prepare herself and try to keep her conscious awareness out of her drawings. She must be careful and mindful what she is allowing to speak through her when channeling, clearing the body and mind to use her intuition to prevent a lower vibrational entity coming forth. Originally she used her dominant hand to do her drawings but subsequently switched to using both hands simultaneouly which I would think cross-circuits the dominant side of the brain to take over the drawings at a sub-conscious level. The result is her unguided hands do what they want to do.

Now this is the point where I will take this where others don’t go with automatic writing, and that is, some of the drawings are as if they were pictures of a window into another dimension. I say this because of some of the shapes and forms that are appearing occasionally in these drawings. I contend they are not all pareidolia. There is the occasional appearance of the anthropormorphic facial features of an entity looking out from their plane of a dimensional existence. Could we not entertain the theoretical existence of a lower vibrational entity manifesting in some of these drawings? By their involvement in this drawing process, these entities alledgedly can attach to you, influencing your thoughts, emotions, decisions and behavior to the point where your perceptions change. By perceptions changing is meant we accept those thoughts as our own. These lower realms or planes of vibrational entities lack any moral sense and their base influences are unethical and selfish. In extreme cases these entities can cause schizophrenia & delusion. But what if they are even more than that. What I am talking about here are interdimensional beings. This may not be typical of automatic drawing in general, but are an exhibited outcome of the resonating frequency of the vibrational level being channeled.

Just so you don’t think I am just blowing hot air about inter-dimensional beings, I will refer you to an a declassified 1947 FBI document released in 2010 called ‘Memorandum 6751.’ Although not originated within the FBI, it was considered important enough by them to document and create this file within the department. You can find the entire 69 page document at “” and is called “ufo1.pdf.” These are excerpts from that document.

Line 2: “Their mission is peaceful” and their agenda is to “settle” on Earth.
Line 3: The beings are “human-like but much larger in size”.
Lines 4 to 6: Describes multi-dimensional beings from “an etheric planet which interpenetrates with our own”.
Line 7: Weaponized with “radiant energy”; they enter the “etheric” (or cross dimensions) at will.
Line 8 likens their world to a Lokas or Talas
Conclusion: “Let the newcomers be treated with kindness”
Addendum: “the front contains the controls; the middle portion is a laboratory; the rear contains armament, which consists essentially of a powerful energy apparatus, perhaps a ray…”

Line 8 mentions a Lokas or Talas. Wikepdia describes them so: The term loka and its counterpart tala are Sanskrit words widely used in metaphysical systems of India. The general (but not exclusive) meaning of loka is “spiritual world,” and the general meaning of tala is “material world.” They are both in contrast and at the same time in conjunction with each other.

What this definition infers is a dimensional doorway still in line with Cosmic balance (Yin/Yang).

Another example of inter-dimensional possibilities was a statement by Sergio Bertolucci, the Director for Research and Scientific Computing at CERN. He states the agenda is to open a dimensional door; “Out of this door might come something, or we might send something through it.”

Have an open mind and decide for yourself as to the possibilities concerning dimensional entities. Check out various examples of automatic drawings of my friend. You judge whether they are pareidolia or maybe something more. You can find these drawing examples on my facebook page “Other Realms Contact Seekers.” An extra pic is a copy of Memorandum 6751 that is mentioned above.

As mentioned previously above, I am including Jesse’s brief descriptive letter that I requested she send to me concerning her automatic drawing methods. It is as follows verbatum:

“I guess I will start when I had a near death experience. I overdosed and that started my spiritual journey. When I came back things were different. It was like a switch was flipped. The once boring world seemed not so boring. I could see color around people. My doctors said it was a symptom of PTSD. Honestly my goal was to heal and stay off drugs. I had to move in with my father. His house was having odd problems going on. That’s how I met Joe and a few others which set me off on my spiritual journey.
My father passed away. Then things started getting crazy. I was being visited by an entity. I knew it wasn’t my father. When my father made me cry. This was different. So I started meditating. This entity would communicate with me. We would do excercises to build up my tolerance. You see when they would try to be near me to work with me..I would pass out. I had to build up a tolerance to them. The next step was contact in my head. So I called a friend of mine and told her I needed to go into meditation and contact this being. I needed someone there in case it went South. So she came over and I went in. It was liked being sucked through a tube. Took my breath away and scared the crap out of me. The one thing I did catch was they wanted me to draw. I wasnt an artist. But I went thru all of hat…so I started drawing. When I would draw..hours would pass and I didnt even notice. I would draw patches of black but I felt the connection. I knew it was real. Not everyone else was so sure. People thought I was losing it. I was dedicating my life to scribbling. Then I even got an infection in my right elbow. It swelled so bad I couldnt move it. I cried and cried. I couldn’t draw. It devastated me. Then my kid was like…if you aren’t doing the drawing, use the other hand. I was like genius! So I had to use my left. And it worked. When my right arm healed I use both. It’s like a dance but it still takes a lot of work. They dont tell me who they are really or what they are doing. But they are there and made me a better person. Thanks Joe for everything.”

If you would like to learn more, check out Jesse’s facebook page “Jesse Sansa Saturn Gabel.” She sometimes does live automatic drawing facebook sessions as well.

As a paranormal investigator, an additional idea I have for the future is to visit with her and set up various instruments as Jesse does one of her drawing sessions, to catalog any kind of effects or changes in the environment of the room, to hopefully provide evidence to substantiate and/or develop a theory connecting physical changes to paranormal events.

To skeptics and believers as well, till next time…

  • MoonJoey

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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