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Americans Are Saving Up For Space Travel

Americans are saving up for space travel. (Photo courtesy of Mark Kiev/Unsplash)

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How To See ‘Ring Of Fire’ Solar Eclipse

How to see ‘Ring of Fire’ solar eclipse. This will be first time visible in US since 2017. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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Space Debris Hits And Damages ISS Robotic Arm

Piece of space junk hits and damages ISS robotic arm. Despite damage, it is still functioning. (Photo courtesy of CNN)

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Tardigrades And Baby Bobtail Squid Heading To International Space Station

Some 5,000 tardigrades, also known as water bears, and 128 baby glow-in-the-dark bobtail squid will be among the precious cargo heading to the station.…

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UFO Spotted That Is ‘100% Alien’

Scott Waring believes he’s spotted a UFO that is ‘100 percent alien’. (Photo courtesy of LADBible)

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Global UFO Sightings Taking Off Again

Global UFO sightings are taking off again. (Photo courtesy of Statista)

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Blood Orange Full Moon Visible May 26th

On May 26th, we’ll get to see one of the brightest and boldest blood orange full moons in years. It’s also known as the ‘super…

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Eerie Glowing Clouds At Night Cannot Be Explained

Eerie glowing clouds at night cannot be explained. (Photo courtesy of NASA)

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Senator Mark Rubio Wants Reports Of UAPs Taken More Seriously

Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) is leading calls to take reports of UFOs more seriously ahead of the expected release next month of a government report…

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Space Force Tells Troops To Focus On Digital Skills

Space Force tells troops to focus on digital skills. (Photo courtesy of Air Force)

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