Our Pal, Val: Valiant Thor Came In Peace

And Another Thing…

By Gail Hodson Shirk, News Director SOR

Our Pal, Val: Valiant Thor Came In Peace

His name is Valiant Thor, and he came in peace. On March 16, 1957, a space craft landed at 8:00 AM in a field in Alexandria, Virginia. Upon arriving at the scene, two policemen were persuaded by the craft’s Commander, Thor, and three of his crew, Jill, Donn, and Tanyia, to take them to meet with President Dwight D Eisenhower. This was the beginning of a three year mission for galactic emissaries from the planet Venus.

This Venusian visitor, who had just landed on Earth in his space craft, Victor One, and was on his way to meet with a war hero and leader of the free world, looked much like any human one would see walking down any street in the USA. He was described as being 6 feet tall, about 185 pounds, and having dark wavy hair. He was said to be very handsome, and his photographs appear to agree with this assessment. There are a few characteristics, however, that separate him from the average man: Six fingers on each hand, an oversized heart, one very large lung, copper oxide blood, and an IQ estimated to be 1200. Plus, he spoke 100 languages, walked through walls, and was reported to have a lifespan of 490 years.

Having left their ship, behind, Thor and his three crew mates were taken to the Pentagon, where they met with the Secretary of Defense, Neil H. McElroy. After some convincing, Thor was taken to meet with the President, Vice President Richard Nixon, and the Chiefs of Staff.

According to Val (his preferred name), the Venusians had been sent to Earth by the High Council of Venus to protect Earth, and the intergalactic community, from its new nuclear capabilities, and subsequent nuclear warfare, which could end in the destruction of all humankind. Val arrived with a letter from the High Council, and gave it to President Eisenhower.

After reading the letter, the President reluctantly told Thor the offer to help Earth would most likely destroy its economy, and the people were simply not prepared for the conditions which would result if the Council’s recommendations were accepted.

After this courteous refusal, the Venusians were invited to help American scientists who were working on, and processing, medical projects that would affect space science. They agreed, and were provided living quarters in the Pentagon, as a base of operation, for the next three years. It is reported, during this time, they met with leaders, provided advice, and shared some technology.

When the designated tour of duty was up, Thor and his crew left Earth and returned to Venus on March 16, 1960. Belief is that Thor has continued to assist Earth in surviving its tendency toward self destruction.

With the current trend toward public disclosure, it just may be time for the intrepid galactic diplomat, Valiant Thor, to make another public landing, and settle once and for all the issue of life and intelligence in space. If ever there was a time to come in peace, this is it; and Earth welcomes all who bring that message.