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US Space Force First Deployment: Qatar

The US Space Force deployment is not so far away; they are in Qatar. P (Photo courtesy of CBS News)

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Gambling Website Will Pay $500 To Person Willing To Taste Hamburgers

A gambling website is offering $500 to a winning applicant willing to serve as a “professional cheeseburger tester.” (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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U. S. Air Force Testing Robo-Guard Dogs To Protect Its Planes

U. S. Air Force testing robo-guard dogs to protect its planes. (Photo courtesy of Tech. Sgt. Cory D. Payne/DVIDS)  

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NASA Wants To Buy Moon Rocks From Private Sector Companies

NASA wants to buy moon rocks from private sector companies. (Photo courtesy of NASA)

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Science Bob

The World Around Me Filtered Through My Eyes By Fylth Science Bob

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Tick Species Associated With Bats Spotted In New Jersey For First Time

A tick species associated with bats has been spotted in New Jersey for the very first time. The health risks are unknown. (Photo courtesy…

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Study Suggests Several Fish Can Secretly Walk On Land

Study suggests several fish can secretly walk on land. (Photo courtesy of Zach Randall, Florida Museum of Natural History)

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China Celebrates Landing Of Secretive Reusable Spacecraft

China celebrates landing of secretive reusable spacecraft. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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Mosquitos Not Leaving New York Any Time Soon

Mosquitos are eating up New York.  (Photo courtesy of Shutterstock)

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Switzerland Has Flying Electric Speedboat

Switzerland has flying electric speedboat. (Photo courtesy of Reuter’s)

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