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Buck Full Moon For Independence Day

Buck Moon — July’s full moon — will shine bright, plus an almost imperceptible lunar eclipse to round out Independence Day. (Photo courtesy of…

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Eau de Space Cologne Designed To Smell Like Space

Eau de Space cologne designed to smell like space. (Photo courtesy of Cool Material)

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Best Ways To Get Rid Of Mosquitos

These are considered the best ways to get rid of mosquitos. (Photo courtesy of Wikipedia)

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Massive Star Disappears Without A Trace

Massive star disappears without a trace. (Photo courtesy of ESO)

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Advertising Boycott On Facebook To Force Removal Of Hate Speech

Boycotting advertising on Facebook is going global; purpose is to force platform to remove hate speech. (Photo courtesy of Reuter’s)

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Moving Forward In Ufology, We Can’t Forget The History!

Dave’s Write Away By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio Moving Forward In Ufology, We Can’t Forget The History! In case you missed it there…

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NASA Names DC Headquarters After Mary Jackson, First Black Woman To Become NASA Engineer

NASA names its DC headquarters after Mary Jackson, the first Black woman to become a NASA engineer. (Photo courtesy of BBC)

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For $125,000 You Could Ride Balloon Into Stratosphere

For $125,000 you could ride a balloon into the stratosphere. (Photo courtesy of

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Lost Continent Of Zealandia Revealed In New Maps Of Ocean Floor

The lost continent of Zealandia that sank into the sea 23 million years ago has been revealed in unprecedented detail in new maps of the…

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Scientists Make List Of Everywhere Aliens Could Be Hiding

Scientists made a list of every place aliens could be hiding. (Photo courtesy of  New Atlas)

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