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Ghosts of Grandparents Convinced Mobster John Pennisi To Become Government Turncoat

Lucchese mobster John Pennisi says he got an earth-shaking message from the great beyond via his deceased grandparents that convinced him to become a government…

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Ghostly Figure Spotted In Photo Of Woman And Her Friends

Ghostly figure spotted in photo of woman with her friends. (Photo courtesy of Kennedy News And Media)

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World’s Creepiest Mansions Left To Rot After Ghosts And Hauntings

World’s creepiest abandoned mansions that have been left to rot after ghosts and hauntings. (Photo courtesy of

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New Show On SOR YouTube Channel ~ The Angry Ghost Hunter

The Angry Ghost Hunter With Merle, Ross Allison and Jacob Rice SOR YouTube Channel 7:00 PM Pacific ~ 10:00 PM Eastern

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Tour Guide Shocked After Seeing Ghost At Bus Stop

Tour guide shocked after seeing ghost waiting at bus stop. (Photo courtesy of Kennedy News And Media)

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Even Professional Ghost Hunters Have Had A Very Bad Year

Even professional ghost hunters have had a  very bad year. (Photo courtesy of Getty)

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Residents Of Mentor Ohio Have Been Spotting Ghosts In Doorbell Camera Footage

Residents of Mentor, Ohio have been spotting ghosts in doorbell camera footage. (Photo courtesy of WKYC)

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Amityville Horror Killer, Ronald DeFeo, Dead In Prison At 69

Amityville horror killer, Ronald DeFeo, dead in prison at 69. (Photo courtesy of AP)

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Zak Bagans Buys Haunted Six String Guitar

Zak Bagans is now the owner of a supposedly haunted acoustic guitar that could have been involved in the death of a teenager in 1979….

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Ghost Hunting Couple Discover Skull Near Abandoned Hotel

Ghost hunting couple discover human skull  near abandoned hotel. (Photo courtesy of YouTube)

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