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NASA Launches Mars Rover; Will Look For Signs Of Ancient Life

NASA launches Mars Rover; will look for signs of ancient life. (Photo courtesy of AP)

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Uber Eats Delivery Driver Caught On Camera Eating Customer’s Wild Wings

Uber Eats delivery driver caught on camera eating customer’s Buffalo Wild Wings. Said he was hungry. (Photo courtesy of Daily Mail)

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Naked Florida Man Tells Deputies He’s Batman

Naked Florida Man tells deputies he is Batman. (Photo courtesy of

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Guinness World Record Set By Teen Solving Rubik’s Cube While Bouncing On Pogo Stick

Guinness World Record set by teen solving  Rubik’s cube while bouncing on pogo stick. (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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Another Prosthetic Leg Lost And Found; Missouri Dive Team Returns Leg ToMan Who Lost It While Rafting

Another prosthetic leg has been lost and found. A Missouri man who lost his prosthetic leg during a rafting trip was reunited with his lost…

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Ecuador On Alert As Huge Fleet Of Chinese-Flagged Fishing Vessels Appears Off Galápagos Islands

Ecuador is on alert due to the appearance of a huge fleet of mostly Chinese-flagged fishing vessels off its Galapagos Islands. (Photo courtesy of…

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Children In China Accidentally Break $64,000 Glass Replica Of Disney Castle

Children in China accidentally break $64,000 glass replica of Disney castle. (Photo courtesy of Cafe Mom)

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With No Fans, MLB Foul Balls Just Lie Lonely In Stands

With no fans at the games, MLB foul balls just lie lonely in stands. (Photo courtesy of AP)

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Far Right Fringe Group Canadian Keeps Trying To Citizen Arrest Justin Trudeau

Canadian who belongs to far right fringe group keeps trying to Citizen Arrest Justin Trudeau. (Photo courtesy of Facebook live screenshot)

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Vermont Man So Excited To Skydive, Drops Prosthetic Leg; Farmer Finds It Among Crops

Vermont man was so excited to be skydiving, he dropped his prosthetic leg during the dive without realizing it. A farmer found the undamaged leg…

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