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Security Video Captures Inmate Attempting Escape; Falls Through Ceiling Headfirst Into Trash Can

A security video captures an inmate attempting an escape. She falls through a ceiling, headfirst into a trash can. (Photo courtesy of KOLO)

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Bill Nye Lobbies Congress For More NASA Funds, Says Humans Could Be Descendants Of Ancient Martians

In lobbying Congress to provide additional funding for NASA, Bill Nye says humans could be descendants of ancient Martians. (Photo courtesy of  The Planetary…

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African Killfish Can Put Aging On Pause

African killfish can put aging on pause. The African turquoise killifish might not live long but, during development, it will stop growing and wait for…

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Bird Found In Siberia Is 46,000 Years Old

Frozen bird found in Siberia is 46,000 years old. (Photo courtesy of CTB News)

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Blue Whales Spotted Around Island Of South Georgia

Scientists say they have seen a remarkable collection of blue whales in the coastal waters around the UK sub-Antarctic island of South Georgia. JJ…

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Namibia First African Country To Export Beef To US

Namibia is the first African country to export beef to the US. (Photo courtesy of

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There May Be Hidden Chambers Behind King Tut’s Tomb; May Be Queen Nefertiti

There may be hidden chambers behind King Tut’s tomb, and there is speculation they may contain the remains of Queen Nefertiti. (Photo courtesy of…

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Ousted New Hampshire Police Chief Walks Home In Underwear

Ousted New Hampshire police chief stripped down to his underwear after he was fired. He was asked to leave his gun and uniform when he…

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Human Sized Brain Seized From Canadian Mail In Michigan

U.S. Customs and Border Protection CBP) officers seized a human brain sent through the mail near the Michigan-Canadian border last week, the agency said.…

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Mass Black Death Burial Site In Lincolnshire Challenges Accepted Theories

Medieval Black Death mass burial site in Lincolnshire casts doubt on accepted theories. (Photo courtesy of The Independent)

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