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Supercomputer Simulates Demise Of Neanderthals

Supercomputer simulates the demise of Neanderthals, and what caused it. (Photo courtesy of Smithsonian Institution)

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Space Junk Causes Dramatic Light Show Over Australia

Space junk causes dramatic light show over Australia. (Photo courtesy of

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Utah Jazz Great, Jerry Sloan, Has Died At 78

Utah Jazz great, Jerry Sloan, has died at 78. (Photo courtesy of AP)

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Michigan Man Charged With Killing Wolves, Bald Eagles, Other Wildlife Because He Likes It

A Michigan man is charged with killing wolves, bald eagles, and other wildlife because he likes it. (Photo courtesy of WWJ Radio)

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NASA Names New Space Telescope After ‘Mother Of Hubble’

NASA just named a powerful new space telescope for Dr Nancy Grace Roman, the woman who masterminded the existence of such observatories in the first…

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Loon Kills Bald Eagle By Stabbing It In Heart

A loon killed a bald eagle by stabbing its heart. (Photo courtesy of AP)

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Firm Receives Approval To Salvage Titanic’s Wireless Telegraph Set

An expedition to salvage Titanic’s wireless telegraph set has been approved. (Photo courtesy of

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MIT Has Come Up With Fabrics That Can Monitor Your Health

MIT has come up with smart fabrics that can monitor your health. (Photo courtesy of MIT News)

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Mysterious Flaming Object Shoots Through Skies Over Edinburgh

Mysterious flaming object shoots through skies over Edinburgh. (Photo courtesy of Daily Record)

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Truck In Tennessee Overturns Spilling Mac And Cheese Across Highway

Truck in Tennessee, hauling 40,000 pounds of mac and cheese, overturns spilling cheese powder and macaroni noodles across highway. (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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