**Breaking News** New Programming Coming To Spaced Out Radio



By Dave Scott, Host SOR


As Spaced Out Radio continues to grow and expand our audience, we are proud to make the following announcement!

As of the second weekend of December, we will be making some program changes. Starting on Saturday, December 11th, Spaced Out Weekend host Lynn Wallington will be starting her broadcasts two hours earlier, at 7pm Pacific, 10pm Eastern. This will allow Lynn the opportunity to attract more guests, and to bring more energy into the weekend programming. The benefit for our loyal listeners is more programming for you to enjoy your weekend nights!

But wait, there’s more!!!!!

Following Lynn’s show, on Saturdays and Sundays we are adding a new show called ‘After Hours’, where the fedora wearing Jon Hudson, from the SOR Unbiased UAP Report will join William ‘Big Willy’ Townsend, and Gemma Jade, for a look into the topics that lit up the week. ‘After Hours’ will be very audience oriented, and, at times, have people from within our communities joining this great panel. So please take the time to say hello to both Gemma Jade and Big Willy to the SOR Family.

Willy joins us from the UFO Garage Podcast, where he also hosts a once a week show. Both Ben Jinkins and Joe Strelsky, who are great supporters of SOR, gave their blessing in sharing Willy with us. Willy is a top, up and coming talent in our field, with an amazing voice and a warming personality that allows both guests and listeners to enjoy listening with ease. He’s very enthusiastic in learning our field, and asks great questions that pertain to the subject matter at hand. We want to once again thank both Ben and Joe from UFO Garage Podcast for their support in helping us at SOR expand.

Gemma Jade is a published author, and one of Steve Stockton’s right hand team member when it comes to his Missing Persons Mysteries channel on YouTube. Steve graciously allowed us to share Gemma’s knowledge and talents in helping bring a sensible voice of reason to what’s going on in the ‘paranormal’ world. We would like to thank Steve for not only being a fan and guest of SOR, but a great supporter of seeing our vision to grow, and believing that Gemma would be a great fit and addition to our team. We appreciate Steve for everything he does. Gemma is a great add for SOR, which we believe will have a positive impact with our audience.

Many of you are already familiar with Jon Hudson from the Unbiased UFO Report. Jon’s brilliance and knowledge to learn is second to none in our opinion. Jon has provided and exceeded expectations with his three night a week report with Dave Scott. His humble attitude along with own research are strengths that are hard to find in this field. Having Jon be a part of SOR, and to be able to expand his role with ‘After Hours’ is a proud moment for all of us. A leader and a creative mind, we are excited to see Jon expand his presence on SOR with Willy and Gemma.