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Woman Leads Police On High Speed Chase; Has To Use Bathroom

Woman leads police in high speed chase after begging them to let her go home to use bathroom. (Photo courtesy of Fox News)

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Quebec Town Doesn’t Like Name Change Choices

Quebec town sick of name doesn’t like new choices for change. (Photo courtesy of Irish Times)

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Police Swarm Montreal Apartment Complex In Ricin Letter Investigation

Canadian police swarm Montreal apartment complex in probe of ricin letter sent to President Trump. (Photo courtesy of Global News)

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US Space Force First Deployment: Qatar

The US Space Force deployment is not so far away; they are in Qatar. P (Photo courtesy of CBS News)

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U. S. Air Force Testing Robo-Guard Dogs To Protect Its Planes

U. S. Air Force testing robo-guard dogs to protect its planes. (Photo courtesy of Tech. Sgt. Cory D. Payne/DVIDS)  

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Brazilian Official Killed By Arrow To Chest Near Indigenous Tribe

Brazilian official killed by arrow to chest near indigenous tribe. (Photo courtesy of Reuter’s)

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Thirteen Soldiers Who Guard Queen Elizabeth Jailed For Breaking Lockdown Rules

Thirteen soldiers who guard Windsor Castle and protect the Queen have been jailed for breaking lockdown rules. (Photo courtesy of The Daily Mail)

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Appeals Court Finds NSA Surveillance Of Americans’ Phones Illegal

Seven years after former National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the mass surveillance of Americans’ telephone records, an appeals court has…

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High-Flying Drone Drops Weed Over Tel Aviv

High-flying drone drops weed over Tel Aviv. (Photo courtesy of Reuter’s)

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White Female Professor At George Washington University Has Pretended To Be Black For Years

White professor and seasoned activist at George Washington University has been pretending to be Black for years, despite actually being a white woman from Kansas City….

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