You Never Know Who Is Listening!

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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
You Never Know Who Is Listening!
When it comes to our kind of paranormal and alternative programming, there are literally millions of people around the world who are interested in the various topics that we discuss.  Doesn’t matter if it’s ghosts, UFOs, consciousness, Bigfoot, Aliens; there is a large sect of society that wants  to learn about the supernatural and unknown.  We humans are curious creatures with plenty of questions, which usually leads to the ultimate questions in life.  Are we alone in the universe and why are we here?  The topics we choose to speak about and investigate straddle all types of societies. Religious, agnostic, poor, wealthy, political, the famous, the destitute and those who were born with a silver spoon in their mouths.  We never know who’s listening.  And really, it shouldn’t matter what the person’s background, colour, sexual orientation, financial status or popularity is.  The beautiful part of what we do, and I think we take it for granted, is our topics cross-pollinate with everyone of every stature.  It’s actually a beautiful thing, because all we have to worry about is being human.
A few months ago in my YouTube chatroom (, I was having a discussion with my audience after the show.  One of the aspects of the chat that I noticed was how many aliases there were.  People using names outside of their own.  Names like Spookcat, Vector Scalar, FastHemiMachine, BiggJ, LongIslandBigfoot.  You get the picture.  On YouTube you can make your name whatever you want it to be.  Which is cool in a sense, because if I log into a chat room, because my channel is ‘Spaced Out Radio’, that’s what I’m titled as if I go chat in someone else’s room.  But it got me thinking.  How many ‘famous’ people are paying attention to what we are doing and broadcasting?  Now, in reality, if someone is famous or not, doesn’t matter to me at all, because I have interviewed enough famous people over the years to not be flummoxed by their star power.  But out of curiousity, I started wondering aloud at how many famous individuals are listening to not only my show but all of our shows.  Specifically with my show, people have all of these nicknames, there is no way I could ever tell if someone ‘famous’ was actually in there.
I’ve always tried to run SOR professionally, because the attitude I try to have as I build this, is I never know who is listening.  Could there be someone of influence from a major broadcasting network or satellite radio who sees or hears something special in me that may bear an opportunity that could solidify the future of our show’s success?  Could happen.  I remember George Knapp telling me that although he’s not in my chatroom, he listens every now and again to Spaced Out Radio.  That was special to me!   But the truth of the matter is you don’t know who’s listening.  When I talk about famous individuals, I have often wondered out of curiousity if famous personalities have tuned us in?  Rockstars, athletes, movie or television stars, politicians, people of popular significance?  Frankly I don’t really care if they’re famous or not, but it’s just out of sheer speculation and wonderment.  I still think how cool it would be if one of those nicknames just wants to be human and not famous, and joins us nightly in the chat because they love these topics of discussion?
In learning from my good friend Jamie, who has a multitude of friends who are very well known performers on the music and Hollywood scene.  When we’ve talked about this exact subject, he has stated that all of his ‘famous’ friends all have cover profiles on social media so they can act and say what they want without being ‘public’ or have concerns about public persecution for supporting the right or wrong sports team or politician.  The public can be fickle and at times crass with public figures, so this allows those who are well known to hide in the shadows of social media.  It allows them to breathe and be free of social media consequence and potential retribution.

This leads me to a good friend of mine, Richard Giordano from GUFON on YouTube. A couple of weeks ago, Rich recorded what I think is one of his best pieces for YouTube that he’s ever done.  He did a video, which you can see here: which was a plea to Fox News’ Tucker Carlson.  The premise behind the video is Tucker, love him or hate him, has done a great job at continuing the story about UFOs and the United States government.  While most outlets have dropped the ball on talking about UFOs, Tucker has not.  The downside to this, and it’s only opinion, Tucker has only interviewed the same few that all surround the To The Stars Academy.  He hasn’t ventured further into the UFO field to discuss the matter, or getting an opposing view.  The other issue is he hasn’t asked a lot of tough questions either.  But that can be blamed with being a television figurehead and not understanding the full magnitude of the story.  Every time Carlson talks UFOs, it’s either with Luis Elizondo, Chris Mellon, Nick Pope, Leslie Kean, Sen. Harry Reid, or David Fravor.  Rarely has he discussed this matter with anyone else.  Does he even know who Grant Cameron or Richard Dolan are?  But to his credit, he did, in his sit down with President Donald Trump, ask about the UFO question.  Which Tucker deserves acknowledgement for.

So with Rich’s video, I think he hit the heart of the matter, in describing the need for people like Tucker Carlson to stop tippy-toeing around the UAP subject and jump into the UFO pool with both feet.  As Rich put it, there are many brilliant minds in the UFO world that need to be asked, questioned, and to have on the record conversations with.  The emotion and the honesty Rich showed in this video was a real step away from his at times bombastic style!  It was enlightening and awesome to see.  The video spoke to the heart of what many in the UFO field want, which is recognition and the allowance to speak on a national level about the UFO subject that means so much to them.  In my opinion, Rich nailed it.  It was heartfelt and honest.  Many others who’ve commented on the video felt the same way as well.  There is so much more to this UFO experience than what the mainstream media is telling, that many people aren’t getting to the heart of the information.
This video caught the attention of a couple of people.  One was Tucker Carlson’s own assistant producer, who had a long talk with Rich about this subject.  The other was actress Camille James Harman, who starred in the Academy Award winning film ‘Vice’.  Harman reached out to Rich to express her gratitude for the video and in fact, her husband, Jeff Harman, is someone who wants to talk with Rich to learn more.  A video with that kind of impact deserves the attention, as well as a high amount of shares and likes.  This also proves the point of this blog, that you never know who is listening to what we are broadcasting.
Whether we want to believe it or not, we have the ability to be broadcasters of impact.  People are looking to us for knowledge, personal growth, respectable discussion and debate.  They are looking to us to learn, whether they are famous, or whether they bag groceries at the local supermarket.  It also shows the importance of professionalism and high broadcast quality.  More than ever are shows like ours being ‘tuned’ into, by people who are looking for something more than what they see in the mainstream media.  The subject of UFOs is a light drip from the tap, the way the MSM is covering this subject.   We’re giving people the full fountain to drink from.  We must remember as broadcasters that professionalism along with high knowledge of our field of study is attracting people to listen.  The hard work is paying off.  We must continue to strive for excellence because we are making a difference.  Just look at Rich’s video to see why.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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