Why Do Ghosts Like Supermarkets?

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By MoonJoey

Why Do Ghosts Like Supermarkets?

In these days of Coronavirus, it is a common thing for things like toilet paper “flying off the shelves” as is the familiar colloquialism today that describes an item being sold out of stock quickly. This article is about a different kind of “flying off the shelves” that occurs in supermarkets. The related events described here are of the typical “WOO” nature that people hear about, smirk to themselves and inwardly think… “yeah, right.”

Has something like this happened to you? In approximately the last 5 years, while in a supermarket getting items on my list, an item has strangely “launched” itself onto the floor in front of or behind me at least a dozen times. Being an investigator of the unknown, my mind immediately jumps into “strangeness” mode and begins formulating ideas as to what just happened and possible causes. Peculiarly enough, most of these cases have involved a packaged loaf of bread but the most recent incident involved a hand-held type can opener moving off its display. I have refined my observational techniques to the point of quickly moving past the moment of surprise and immediately analyzing the aspects of the events themselves. I have discovered an associated commonality with most if not all of these such events… the supermarket aisle is either empty or near empty of other people. It is usually the bread aisle. When not empty, there is another witness close by that has also observed what happened. In a way this is a good thing because it supports validation not of what happened but rather “how” it happened.

One such example is the recent loaf of packaged bread coming off the shelf immediately behind me. The only other person in the aisle was approximately three feet behind me. As I turned to notice the bread hitting the floor, I said to her, “did you see that?” What surprised me was not the fact she witnessed it also, but interjected with detail, “It was magic. I was looking near you for my brand of bread and actually saw it come flying off the shelf.” Could the bread have been examined by another shopper previously and placed back carelessly enough that gravitational potential energy took its effect on it? Of course.

The manual can opener I mentioned just so happened to be in the bread section. It’s cardboard container had a hole that let it be hooked onto a notch in the display holder. Could it have been carelessly replaced after another shopper examined it and changed their mind about purchasing it? Of course.

A possible scientific explanation could attribute cause for the bread coming off the shelves to kinetic energy traveling through the supporting shelves and infra sound generated by such things as refrigeration equipment, below human hearing threshold, causing low frequency sound to be transferred through the ground into the metal shelves which acted as an amplifier, vibrating the shelf and knocking the bread off. (hey, it can’t be all ghosts, right?)

This is a related shopper’s story in Georgia:
“Less than a year ago. I was almost finished shopping and was choosing my bread — again, the store was quite empty — when I felt something hit the back of my legs. Well, the bread shelves face the produce area in this store, and when I looked down, there were onions bouncing off the back of my legs, having rolled or flown at least 6-8 feet across the space (this is not a small market, but a spacious suburban one). I looked up to see a woman standing at least 28 feet away at the end of the aisle and she said, “I saw that, I was looking right at it! Those onions just flew off and hit you!” We were maybe two of three people in that entire area. I sort of laughed and said to the woman, “Oh, it’s the attack of the onions… But really, did you SEE them? Did they roll? That was weird, right?” And she stood there sort of stunned, which caused me to laugh it off mostly. But inside I’m thinking, wow, this is starting to be a pattern.”

Here is another shopper’s story I found during my research:
“I had been shopping about 10 minutes. I turned my cart into the bread aisle. The aisle was empty, which was strange, considering how crowded the store was. An elderly man was coming down the aisle from the other side, pushing his cart. We were both slowly walking down the aisle, when a loaf of bread went flying off the shelf.
It didn’t fall, it literally sailed through the air and landed about five feet from the shelf. There had to have been some kind of force hurling it. I inspected the shelf, and it was a solid wall, which eliminated the possibility of someone on the other side throwing or pushing the bread, I looked at the old guy and said: “PLEASE TELL ME YOU SAW THAT!!!”
He said: ‘There’s a ghost in here!” He picked up the loaf of bread and put it back on the shelf. I considered buying the bread, but then reconsidered. I was totally unnerved! I didn’t want to touch it.”

Why the bread aisle? I cannot begin to come up with any reason, can you? Are spirits trying to help us by these actions as if saying, “try this brand, it’s was my favorite when I was alive,” or “Ugghh, this brand is crappy, don’t buy it!” It’s not easy to capture EVPs in a supermarket. If you have ever tried it you will notice voices, but they can just as easily be debunked as coming from people in adjacent aisles. Nonetheless, there are at times an astounding coincidental collection of words and phrases recorded that seem like someone is initiating spirit contact with you. I’ve moved past the point of embarrassment about doing audio recording on my cell phone when these things happen. You can look at me funny all you want. You don’t know me and you will never see me again anyway. I’m not passing up the opportunity that presents itself to me without solicitation.

Typically, the scariest thing you’ll encounter at a grocery store is long lines at the checkout or an expired coupon.

But how does one go about proving these experiences to others? It doesn’t seem possible to do so. I am not about to do my grocery shopping with a Go Pro attached to my head in the supermarket. Of course, this is 2020, and after all that is happening in the world, it might not seem so out of place!

  • MoonJoey

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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