Were Early Alien Abductions For Food?

WERE EARLY ALIEN ABDUCTIONS FOR FOOD? Sounds crazy, right? At the S4 facility, located in the Papoose Mountains South of Area 51, an EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity) named “J-Rod” was said to have been kept (still there?) in level 5, covered by a raisable-to-level-4, sealed, 3-inch thick quartz dome, 55-ft diameter and 26-ft high to protect us from contamination from it and vice versa. The iris-like cover folds back for communication and also to give the EBE privacy with the “kick-plates” disengaging to raise the biologically sealed environment up to the observation area on level 4. It has no teeth and lives on a liquid diet, subsidized by a biological paste. In the early days before the treaty that was signed at Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico, there are stories that the original abductions were for food. They ground the victims up into paste, smeared it onto their body and nutrients were then absorbed through the skin. Their nutritional needs today are met through chemically produced substitutes. Description of this particular level is as follows: Level 4-5: Clean Sphere, scissor lift, lighting iris – aperture, “kick plates” air-lock, TES (Totally Enclosed Suit) Supposedly in 1954, President Eisenhower made a pact with just three species of aliens. The deal outlined the exchange of alien technology for permission to abduct a limited number of humans and cattle. Whether this is true or not does beg curiousity due to human disappearances and cattle mutilations for decades. Here is where this takes a nasty turn. By 1955, the aliens violated the agreement by taking more humans than allowed. The above info I found out by research. You, the reader, could do this just as well. Thus begs the question, “why are people intent on storming Area 51 when all indications are there are no EBEs there?” P.S. good luck in the mine fields if you even get that far!!! Here is just a tidbit of background info. Believe some, none or all as you see fit by your own reasons. – President Eisenhower made an agreement/pact with three alien species in 1954. It allowed for limited alien abduction of humans & cattle in exchange for alien technology. – Philip Schneider was a geologist and strutural engineer for the U.S. Government. He came forward and volunteered info concerning a 1979 fire fight due to a misunderstanding between the large Greys U.S. military at Dulce underground base. Interestingly, Schneider’s father himself worked as a medical advisor to the U.S. Navy and near the end of his life gave lectures concerning government involvement with alien technology, weapons, etc. Phillip Schneider’s death in his apartment has been the subject of mystery and suspicions linked to his outing of U.S. Government involvement with aliens. Schneider said there are nine races of aliens that see a human being as “a bag of food.” It would seem from countless abductees stories that humans are not viewed just as a food source. Other reasons include genetic testing, interbreeding, etc. All of this makes one wonder of the time, if any, when empirical evidence would be available. Even then, would it be believable? How would such evidence be presented to the world and who would be the spokesperson to be the face of the revealing? How would it change and impact our world? Finally, would we be better off with or without it? (Photo courtesy of Alison Dunlop)

Author: MoonJoey

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