The Unseen And Dark Medicine, PART 2

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By MoonJoey

The Unseen and Dark Medicine, PART 2  The Interview Continues 

See PART 1 if you wish to catch up:


OMOLKHUA: “The medicine circle has four different colors, and each color represents an essence to it. The circle itself is not flat or one dimensional. It is like a sphere. The four colors always interchange, intertwine. They are separate but they become one. Imagine a spinning sphere. As this medicine circle exists, it is the medicine circle of all creation. Both our world and the unseen world are bound to it. So, the unseen exist in our plane and we exist in theirs. Its not two separate places, non-tangible. They actually overlap one with the other. We walk among ours and they in theirs. There is the “elementals.” Imagine people in the society we live in. Everybody goes about their business, doing their thing. Being in their home, going to work, driving, etc. We think nothing of it when you pass, as my grandfather used to say, the ant people. When you pass a mound of ants, you see them doing what they are doing and you pay them no mind. You only capture them in sight for a small moment. You might be intrigued by what they are doing but then you lose interest and you go about your business and you move on. The same thing with them. The elementals are part of the medicine circle. They keep the balance in the world. There are different ones, though. As the four elements, likewise the elementals exist in those four elements made by the Creator. You’ve been to an aquarium?”


OMOLKHUA: “You see this mass of water and there is all kinds of fish being in their own world doing their own thing. From being the very small to some of the gigantic ones that just kind of swim through the crowd of fish. At our magnitude, we are the small fish and these things are massive. But they’re massive in the spiritual world. They cross and they swim and move among the wind and water. They are able to just be where they want to be. They’re like giants that are not bound by the physical world. They’re bound by their spiritual world. They can only move in certain realms. My grandfather once said, “we are a speck of life and within our lives there’s greater specks. There is more to us than you know.” I said, “grandpa, what does that mean?” He was a man of mystery. He would just chuckle, laugh and walk away. I said, “wait a minute! Don’t leave me like that! You’ve got to tell me the rest!” He said, “in time.” His time was not like ours, not days or months. It was years. He would tell me stories when I was a kid and finish them when I was an adult. I asked him why he did this. He said, “so you realize that all things never end.” So, the spirituality of things is knowing that, yes, they exist, and if they break the law, that they’re bound by our physical world, by our rules. You command them because now they’ve entered our realm.”

MOONJOEY: So, do they come in invited? Do they come in of their choosing? I know you mentioned your uncle practicing dark medicine but are there other reasons they would come in or are they basically invited?

OMOLKHUA: “They enter the world of their own choosing. My mother passed away years ago. I would say about four years ago now, maybe five, I heard my mother as clear as you hear me or as I hear you. Her words to me was just my name, basically letting me know that she is with me, she is always around, and that is a comforting feeling. You know when it is a good spirit, because you feel comforted, happy, pleasant. You feel at peace. If you ever enter a realm or a place, an area where it doesn’t feel comfortable, it feels kind of odd and if you’re walking among people or at a table and you have a sense to look at someone. They look the same as any other person, but there’s a strange sense or feeling, why does this person look different or feel different? Always trust gut instinct. Those are your guardians. We call them “helpers.” The helpers will warn you not to get close to a certain person. If you do get close to a certain area and you feel goosebumps, it means they have brushed you. In other words, they have gone through you, or brushed you or part of them passed through you. If you feel bumps on your arm, legs or half of your body, it is because they brushed you. So when you feel that uncomfortable feeling in your mind, because now they’ve broken the law, you tell them inside your mind to stay away. You say it in a tone that you would chastize a child. You can say it as loud as you want in your head, and in their realm it just resonates. When the “crier” sings, we hear it with our ears. When he or she starts singing, the voice or the prayer resonates like your voice would be in a cavern. It’s amplified. Imagine something like that. When the singing begins, the sound resonates and is deafening in their world because now we are using the medicine that the Great Sprit had granted us, the gift of prayer.”

MOONJOEY: If I may interrupt you for a moment, I do not want to forget to ask you about something you said concerning your uncle carrying a medicine pouch. Some of my research concerning “those who walk on all fours” mentions their medicine pouches were not made out of deerskin or mountain lion like “singers” have, but rather are made from animals that crawl on the ground like a horned toad. Does that ring a bell with you?

OMOLKHUA: “He (NOTE: Omolkhua pauses before continuing and speaks a phrase in his Native tongue which I do not understand), uhmmmm (*deep exhalation here by Omolkhua and pause)…”

MOONJOEY: You don’t have to talk about this if you do not wish to, Omolkhua!

OMOLKHUA: “No, No, we can talk about it. Basically what I just spoke was to tell “IT” to stay at bay. He carried a pouch. In this pouch he carried babies bones. He carried a child in his pouch. Obviously the child was not alive, but the remains of the bones of a child that he dug up out of the ground somewhere.”

NOTE: to provide a little background in relation to this, my research reveals the following done by those practicing the dark medicine: newly buried bodies are dug up in secret. If they themselves have killed the victim, they dig up the buried body while the flesh is still fresh. Cutting specific sections such as the crown of the head, end of the nose and places where there are spirals or whorls (thumb & fingers), parts of a woman’s vagina or end of a man’s penis. There are other things they use, the result of their desecration of the body even more shocking however I will not mention them here for the sake of sensitivity. These unmentioned things, skin parts and some bones are taken and dried, ground into a fine powder to be used as part of their dark medicine.

OMOLKHUA (cont’d): “He carried it with him and people realized and knew what he held and they knew what he could do so they kind of steered away from him because no living being, no human would dare carry something from such a heinous thing of darkness to do. He was feared by a lot of people. The story is told that one time when he finished his ceremony, the villagers, some of the men waited at a distance. When he was headed toward his home, they surrounded him. They knew that they only had “a” chance to deal with him. They literally killed him. They tore him apart. They tore his body into pieces. They hacked him. They separated everything and the men, in all directions, took a body part as far as they could go. Once they got to a point where they felt it was safe, they took the body part and they buried it or burned it, making sure that his being, his spirit, was never complete or in one place.”


NOTE: more to come in Part 3 of this interview…

  • MoonJoey

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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