The UFO Field Eats Its Own Sometimes!

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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
The UFO Field Eats Its Own Sometimes
On Friday, November 15th, Dr. Chris Cogswell, of the Mad Scientist Podcast and Spaced Out Radio’s ‘Reality Paranormal,’ got ahold of me to state that he was stepping aside from the monthly show for a bit, maybe forever, as he is worn out.  Now, how can a guy like Dr. Chris, step away just like that?  So I asked him if was anything I did personally, or said, more likely, that would make him make the decision to take a hiatus from the show.  Chris was adamant that it was nothing that we at Spaced Out Radio did.  He stated, “Not at all.  I’m just done with the UFO world.  It isn’t worth the time, lol”.  And you know what?  I don’t blame him.

Chris then went on his @MadScientistPod Twitter account and stated, “Hey folks! Taking a step back from commenting on UFO topics except for on the podcast.”  Following up with a comment to one of his listeners, “Oh I’m not going to stop talking about this, lol. Just going to better choose how to spend my time, and my audience. Most listeners of the show don’t follow Twitter, and vice versa. But I’m always happy to talk with anyone willing to engage in good faith!”


Dr. Chris Cogswell is a smart man.  One of the smartest I have had the pleasure of meeting, working with.  His Doctorate in Chemical Engineering says a lot about the man.  His credibility and his education in this field are second to none in my opinion.  He is the epitome of the type of scientist who should be looking into the UFO phenomenon with a critical eye, in order to try and find out what’s truly going on.  I should also state that everyone in the paranormal cries and complains that ‘real’ scientists need to be taking all phenomenon more seriously.  Here we have someone who is trying his best to do that, and what happens?  He gets shit on everywhere he turns.  People without a scientific background telling him, Dr. Chris Cogswell, that he doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  Look, I will say that I am very biased in my liking and admiration of this man.  I have gone on record and stated I strongly believe he has the capacity and the ability to be the next Stanton Friedman.  However, that comes with a price as well.
When you have people who have no clue what Dr. Cogswell means or that have little to no understanding how real science works, bitching and moaning about his opinions, ideas, research, our community is dumber for it.  Dr. Cogswell is the type of scientist we want and need to be helping move the entire paranormal field forward.  But the dummies out there who speak the loudest on social media, without a care of trying to understand the validity of his research and points of reference, who attack and attack, because it doesn’t follow their narrative or agenda are cruel.  The sad part about it is those who are critical of Dr. Cogswell’s stance on the subject do not even understand the many scientists who sit quietly behind the scenes supporting Chris and his potential findings.  In other words, Chris’s name is like the sacrificial lamb out there for slaughter from the UFO community, while other, real colleagues of his are patting him on the back, encouraging him to go for it; interested in his findings.

Chris once told me both on and off air, when I asked him about why mainstream scientists seem to have zero interest in this subject; schooling me on this, he stated that many scientists actually want to know and learn more.  However, the fear of being labeled as a “UFO” guy or girl, can have some backlashes within the scientific community and many do not want to risk their livelihoods on a change in their reputation.  That being said, Chris did note that we have to remember, many, if not most scientists are sci-fi geeks, who love Star Wars, Star Trek, and scientific type movies that push the edges of theory.  He also stated many do believe there’s something beyond the stars, hidden in the forests or some sort of spiritual realm where ghosts venture off to their own world.  But in the end, science is science, and the job of science is to take the theories and try and prove the existence.  Finding grant money to do so is another subject altogether.

So for people out there to say mainstream science isn’t interested, well that’s simply not true.  There are scientists all over this field of research.  Now Dr. Cogswell has called out the credentials for some of them, who are more popular or who have recently gained a name for themselves.  And you know what?  He has that right.  His education and experience allow him the right to confirm or critique the scientists and scientific methods of what’s been happening in the UFO field.  It’s the same with me, when it comes to journalism in the paranormal realm.  I’m going to be more critical of those who are alleging they’re journalists and self-titling themselves, compared to those who’ve actually worked and been educated in the field.  Chris’s brain and experience understand that.  Hell, you don’t get a doctorate if you’re a dummy.

The sad part is we need Dr. Chris Cogswell in this field.  We need his opinion.  We need his smarts.  We need his credibility.  We do not need someone of his ilk to pull away because there are people out there that are not only bastardizing the phenomenon of study, but bastardizing the man as well.  It’s tiresome.  Everyone bitches and gripes about how we are to move this field forward scientifically.  Well it’s a proven fact that what we see happening in this field when real scientists come aboard to help and give their valued time for research and study, are having salvos fired over their bows constantly.  And when you’re a professional like Dr. Cogswell is, sometimes enough is enough.  Putting your name out there is no longer worth it.  The entire field receives a well deserved black eye over this.
So the next time you see REAL scientists wanting to get involved in the paranormal, supernatural, cryptid or UFO world, give them some slack.  Their research and studies are invaluable to the paranormal’s validity and credibility.  Sit back, shut up, and listen for once.  This is what we’ve all been seeking.  Get your ego out of the way and take the information with gratitude, even if you don’t agree with it.  Then again, maybe this field isn’t ready for ‘REAL’ scientific experimentation and data.  The immaturity of the majority in this field, whether they’re researchers or fan boys/girls, can get in the way of the real work that’s trying to be completed. 
This is my opinion in what I have taken from listening and personally talking with Dr. Chris Cogswell.  And frankly, I don’t blame him one bit for stepping back from the field.  We don’t deserve him or any true scientist that’s trying to bring any legitimacy to our disfunctional paranormal family.  We don’t deserve it.  After all, look at the way the majority treat people.  Time for the paranormal to grow up, shut up and listen.  With Dr. Cogswell pulling back from the public side of ufology and paranormal in general, we, as a whole, are not better off for it, because other scientists will take note.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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