The Forgotten Souls Of Ufology!

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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
The Forgotten Souls Of Ufology!
If you’ve never seen a UFO or been in contact with aliens; it’s never aliens.  When you’ve seen multiple UFOs and had some sort of ET Contact or Abduction, then it’s ALWAYS aliens!
Since 2017, with the introduction of the To The Stars Academy, along with the first of many New York Times articles written by Leslie Kean and former Pulitzer Prize winner, Ralph Blumenthal, we have seen a unique and vast change of the UFO landscape.  This is a modern look at ufology that may be for the better for some, but for many, it’s taken the field down a path where many are being ignored.  The question is, is it for for the better in officially gaining some sort of ‘Disclosure’ of the entire phenomenon?
The forgotten souls of ufology these days are the experiencers.  Those who’ve had multiple extraterrestrial contact either by seeing numerous types of craft, or have had some sort of contact or abduction experience.  No longer do we seem concerned about waking up to see little grey dudes roaming around our bedrooms.  No longer do many in ufology seem to care about those who have extraordinary experiences.  Why?  The answer is quite simple.  There is no scientific way to calculate or repeat the phenomenon.  There is no real evidence this phenomenon has actually happened outside of someone’s word.  Science does not trust verbal dialogue.  Science only trusts the data collected from experiments that can be repeated to test the results. For centuries science has rarely been proven wrong by using this method and because of this, especially over the last century, we’ve seen the successful results of this method; from airplanes to iPhones, and every medicinal cure in between.

But for aliens?  There is no way to tell if and when it’s going to happen.  This is to the frustration not only of the scientific community that wants to believe, but to those who are having these encounters as well.  Why are they happening?  Are there patterns to whom this is happening?  Are they nefarious or are they benevolent?  Do they follow blood lines, as a couple of years ago the idea that those with Rh negative blood were somehow tied to alien culture?  What about implants?  The late Dr. Roger Leir did some incredible work in trying to scientifically prove that extraterrestrials were leaving some sort of ‘marker’ inside those whom they were abducting.  No one has really picked up the slack left by Leir.  Abductions: What’s the purpose of them?  With whom do the extraterrestrials choose to make contact?  There are many difficult and tough questions that need answers for a community lost in the shuffle?  Are these scenarios less important because there is no factual evidence?

The scientific community, for the record, is a split faction.  Those who don’t believe in the phenomenon and those who do.  Those who don’t, well, even if an alien knocked on their front door with a craft sitting in their front yard, they’re still not going to believe it to be from outer space.  Those who do are usually very careful on what to believe.  In the scientific world, there is a huge difference between UFOs and Aliens versus the unidentified aerial phenomenon that we’ve seen the U.S. Government and the military investigating.  These so-called ‘threat’ vehicles of unknown origin.  Look, it doesn’t take a master scientist to know there is absolutely no threat from unidentified objects in the sky.  If it’s truly alien, and they’ve been coming here for millennia like many believe, then why would we wait for our advancements in today’s world, when they could have had us when the best weapons on the planet were muskets, cannons, spears and bows and arrows?  We have to think logically here.

But for the majority of the scientific community, along with those in the alphabet agencies who obviously have a vested interest in this subject, it’s about the technology.  It’s about the propulsion these craft are flying with, that make no logical sense to our current tech.  It’s about their ability to make 90 degree turns at such speeds that would rip apart the human anatomy.  It’s about flying at speeds that seem impossible then stopping at the drop of a dime.  How is this happening?  There is no time to discuss whether or not we’ve got aliens around here.  We are so far away from that conversation that it’ll still be years, if not decades before we even open up that conversation.  Hell, we have the government and their agencies stating they’re looking into this seriously, while Seth Stoshak and the SETI crew are in denial it’s actually happening!  Does that even make sense?

As an experiencer myself, I can say this.  To me, it’s always Aliens, when I see or hear about UFOs.  There is no argument anymore.  When you have the experiences of a lifetime happen to you, you know.  You don’t need proof.  You already have it.  You know the UFOs are here.  You know the likelihood of those craft having inhabitants on them is very high.  You don’t know when they’re coming, but you know they’re out there.  You know you want people to take you seriously, especially those in the scientific community.  But you also know it’s likely for nothing because you don’t have any proof outside of your fragile eye witness testimony.  Should it be enough?  For the experiencer, it is.  For the scientific community, they need the experiencer to understand that this isn’t a court of law. But to be fair, the scientific community needs to understand those like me, Samantha Mowat, Chris Bledsoe, Travis Walton, Miriam Delicado, Calvin Parker and more have no reason to make this up.  We, as experiencers need respect as well.  We don’t know why this is happening.  Many of us wish it never did.  But to be excommunicated from your own community because your stories and your experiences don’t match the current narrative is wrong as well.  We need to do more to combine the two communities.  The answers are mixed together.  It may take some time to find it.  But they’re there.  The experiencer already knows.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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