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Study Suggests Several Fish Can Secretly Walk On Land

Study suggests several fish can secretly walk on land. https://gizmodo.com/several-fish-can-secretly-walk-on-land-study-suggests-1845002669 (Photo courtesy of Zach Randall, Florida Museum of Natural History)

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It Soon May Be Against The Law Not To Walk Your Dog In Germany

It soon may be against the law not to walk your dog in a Germany. https://www.npr.org/2020/08/20/904283260/germanys-proposed-dog-walking-law-stirs-consternation-among-pet-owners?ft=nprml&f=1001 (Photo courtesy of AP)

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99 Year Old Man Completed $15 Million Walk To Help Health Services

A 99 year old British veteran completed $15 million walk to help health services. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-health-coronavirus-britain-veteran/the-sun-will-shine-again-captain-tom-99-says-as-he-completes-15-million-walk-idUSKCN21Y0L8 (Photo courtesy of Newser)

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Family Gets Exercise Walking Around Town Dressed As Dinosaurs

Family from town in Scotland gets their daily exercise walking around town dressed as dinosaurs. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/local-news/kirkcudbright-family-prowling-streets-dressed-21839009 (Photo courtesy of Daily Record)

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