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Asia’s ‘Murder Hornet’ Lands In US

Asia’s ‘murder hornets’, as the aggressive insects are known, have been found in the US, and can wipe out bee colonies within hours. They are…

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Russians Slap US For Ignoring Yuri Gagarin On Space Flight Day

Russians slap US for ignoring Yuri Gagarin on International Day Of Human Space Flight. https://hosted.ap.org/summitdaily/article/d1ecd1e0b4305600936080253754bf1e/russia-slaps-us-ignoring-gagarin-spaceflight-day (Photo courtesy of AP)

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US – Russian Crew Blasts Off To ISS

US – Russian crew blasts off from Cape Canaveral to ISS. https://hosted.ap.org/summitdaily/article/dd702fdb5f5992770431718b98d7da84/us-russian-crew-blasts-international-space-station (Photo courtesy of AP)

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Trump Closes Border With Canada To All Non-Essential Traffic

US border with Canada closed by Trump to all non-essential traffic. https://www.foxnews.com/politics/trump-announces-us-canada-closing-border-to-non-essential-traffic-amid-coronavirus-fears (Photo courtesy of WBNS 10 TV)

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Namibia First African Country To Export Beef To US

Namibia is the first African country to export beef to the US. https://www.google.com/amp/s/mobile.reuters.com/article/amp/idUSKBN20E1BB (Photo courtesy of allafrica.com)

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Space Force Commander Says Two Russian Satellites Tailing US Spy Satellite

A top US Space Force commander has reported two Russian satellites are tailing an advanced U.S. spy satellite above the Earth. He says at times…

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Traveling Trash Makes Headlines Again; Malaysia Sending Back Trash To Several Countries, Including US And Canada

Traveling trash makes headlines again. Malaysia is sending trash back to several countries, including US and Canada; says it will not be world’s waste bin….

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NY Man Charged With Trafficking Endangered African Wildcats To US And Selling Online

New York man has been charged with trafficking endangered African wildcats into the United States and selling them online. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-7881333/Man-38-charged-trafficking-endangered-40lb-wild-cats-Africa-New-York.html (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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Puerto Rico And US Coming To Showdown Over Cockfighting

Puerto Rico headed for showdown with US over sport of cockfighting, which US has banned. https://hosted.ap.org/summitdaily/article/17c3a5fbce53776b6b6ae86181684045/puerto-rico-heading-showdown-over-us-ban-cockfights (Photo courtesy of National Post)

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Fox News’, Tucker Carlson, Says US Is Holding Physical Evidence Alien Spacecraft Have Landed Or Crash Landed On Earth

Fox News host, Tucker Carlson claims that a “knowledgeable” source has told him that the United States government possesses physical evidence that alien spacecraft have landed…

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