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Hummingbirds Learn To Count To Keep Track Of Sweetest Flowers

New research suggests that wild hummingbirds can keep count as they forage and use their counts to keep track of the sweetest flowers. https://www.smithsonianmag.com/smart-news/hummingbirds-learn-count-find-their-favorite-flowers-180975285/ (Photo…

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It Takes A Tech Village To Track Santa Claus

It takes a tech village to track Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. https://hosted.ap.org/summitdaily/article/e2c17051fc96e0eb45f2402c8f64e2b4/it-takes-tech-village-track-santa-christmas-eve (Photo courtesy of AP)

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John Greenewald’s Black Vault Provides FAA Statement They Don’t Track UFOs, Then Publishes Database Of UFO Sightings

From John Greenewald’s Black Vault comes FAA’s statement denying they track UFOs, and then publishes database containing UFO sightings. https://www.theblackvault.com/documentarchive/faa-denies-tracking-ufos-publishes-database-containing-ufo-sightings/ (Photo courtesy of Black Vault)

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