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BREAKING NEWS: Leaked Photo Surfaces Of Purported UAP

BREAKING NEWS: Leaked photo surfaces of purported UAP. https://www.thedebrief.org/leaked-photo-surfaces-of-purported-unidentified-aerial-phenomena/ (Photo courtesy of Debrief.org)

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Photo Of 102 Year Old Chicago Woman Voting Goes Viral

Voting photo of 102 year old Chicago woman goes viral. https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2020/10/06/102-year-old-Chicago-womans-voting-photo-goes-viral/3931602007802/ (Photo courtesy of ABC News)

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Bison Attacks And Shakes Woman Right Out Of Her Pants

Bison snags and shakes woman right out of her pants while she was attempting to get a photo. https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/bison-attacks-woman-taking-photos-herd-south-dakota-state-park-n1236730 (Photo courtesy of The Sun)

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Woman Is Stunned When Her New Driver’s License Photo Shows Picture Of Empty Chair

Woman is stunned when her new Driver’s License photo shows picture of empty chair. https://www.cnn.com/2020/08/11/cnn10/empty-chair-photo-id-trnd/index.html (Photo courtesy of CNN)

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Minnesota Woman Recognizes Long-Lost Dog From Photo On Beer Can

Minnesota woman recognizes long-lost dog from pic on beer can. https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2020/02/03/Woman-recognizes-long-lost-dogs-photo-on-beer-can/3321580746987/ (Photo courtesy of Fox 32 Chicago)

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Amateur Astronomer Captures Photo Of Christmas Tree Shaped Nebula

Amateur astronomer, Astro Granny, captures picture of Christmas tree shaped nebula. https://www.dailymail.co.uk/sciencetech/article-7821725/Amateur-astronomer-astro-granny-captures-stunning-picture-Christmas-tree-shaped-nebula.html (Photo courtesy of Daily Mail)  

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Colony Of Huntsman Spiders Found And Photographed In Australia

Colony of huntsman spiders living together in Australia found and photographed. https://www.foxnews.com/science/huntsman-spiders-living-together-australia-photo (Photo courtesy of Daily Mail)

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120 Year Old Pic Sparks Greta Thunberg Conspiracy Theories

A 120 year old photo has sparked Greta Thunberg conspiracy theories. https://nypost.com/2019/11/19/120-year-old-photo-sparks-greta-thunberg-conspiracy-theories/?utm_source=twitter_sitebuttons&utm_medium=site%20buttons&utm_campaign=site%20buttons (Photo courtesy of University Of Washington)  

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Did My Photo Catch Something Unexplained In Upper Antelope Canyon?

DID MY PHOTO CATCH SOMETHING UNEXPLAINED IN UPPER ANTELOPE CANYON? On my honor I claim this photo to be legit. What could this be? While…

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