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Japan Appears To Be Going Ahead With Plan To Dump Radioactive Water Into Ocean

Japan appears to be going ahead with plan to dump radioactive water into ocean. https://gizmodo.com/looks-like-japan-is-going-ahead-with-plan-to-dump-radio-1845391819 (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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Newlyweds Swept Into Ocean By Giant Wave During Photo Shoot

Giant wave sweeps newlywed couple into the ocean during photo shoot. https://www.upi.com/Odd_News/2020/07/02/Giant-wave-sweeps-newlyweds-into-the-ocean-during-photo-shoot/5091593720680/ (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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Lost Continent Of Zealandia Revealed In New Maps Of Ocean Floor

The lost continent of Zealandia that sank into the sea 23 million years ago has been revealed in unprecedented detail in new maps of the…

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Stunt Flying On The High Sea

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The Green Flash

This episode of Spaced Out Radio’s Cryptid Tales delves into an unusual experience known as the green flash. Four different types of green flashes are…

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