Zak Bagans Buys Haunted Six String Guitar

Zak Bagans is now the owner of a supposedly haunted acoustic guitar that could have been involved in the death of a teenager in 1979. (Photo courtesy of Newsweek)

Kamloops Former Sanatorium One Of Canada’s Top Ten Most Haunted Places

Kamloops Tranquille Sanatorium named one of top 10 most haunted places in Canada. According to Reader’s Digest, “echoes of its former residents seem to remain, as witnesses report off-the-charts paranormal activity, ranging from orbs to eerie disembodied moans.” (Photo courtesy of Facebook/Tranquille Farm Fresh)

Elsa, Talking Frozen Doll, Haunting Family

US family claims they are being haunted by talking ’Frozen’ doll. (Photo courtesy of Daily News)

10 Paranormal Attractions In Seattle

10 paranormal attractions in Seattle. (Photo courtesy of Rachael A Jones)