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Bears On Treadmills Don’t Like Hills Any More Than Humans Do

Bears put on treadmills hate hills just like humans do. https://www.popsci.com/story/animals/why-you-find-bears-hiking/ (Photo courtesy of popsci.com)

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Japan Using Robotic Monster Wolf To Scare Bears Away From People’s Houses

Japan using robotic monster wolf to scare bears away from people’s houses. https://www.vice.com/en/article/7k9vqe/japan-is-using-a-robotic-monster-wolf-to-scare-bears-away-from-peoples-houses (Photo courtesy of AFP via Getty Images)

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Bears Waking From Slumber; They Are Hungry

Officials are urging caution as bears begin waking from slumber. They are hungry. https://hosted.ap.org/summitdaily/article/de8ce85eab3983cc03f9a995c8938616/officials-urge-caution-bears-begin-wake-slumber (Photo courtesy of Grist)

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The Guardians

Other Realms Contact Seekers By MoonJoey The Guardians Some of you may have heard the incredible story of little Casey Hathaway, a 3-year-old boy who…

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