Rethinking Retrocausality

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By MoonJoey

Rethinking Retrocausality

Retrocausality, by simple definition states that backwards causation is a concept of cause and effect where the effect precedes its cause in time, so that a later event in time affects an earlier event.

I’ll give you an example as it might relate to doing a paranormal investigation. Gail finds herself walking through the building, doing measurements, noting observations, etc. Finding herself in a particular room or area of a building, she notices a shadow person suddenly appear standing across the room from her. The shadow person surprises her in that it appears to be aware of her presence in the room. In the brief time she observes this semi-transparent anomaly, she can distinguish slight features, observing what appears to be long hair but she also notices the semblance of a facial beard. This shadow person quickly moves toward Gail, seemingly passing right through her as it exits the room through the doorway and instantly disappearing into invisibility. Gail remains composed yet wonders, WTF just happened? If you were alone when this happened, you would naturally question whether what you just witnessed was real or imagined. Gail went home after the investigation and reviewed her data, but nothing shows up on video to substantiate her incredible experience. She does what most would do, given the opportunity… she plans a return to that location. She feels compelled to and more or less won’t rest until she does.

Relating her experience to the other team members and convincing them to return with her, we now fast forward to the time they are in the same building again. In her excitement and anticipation, Gail rushes to the exact spot of her previous experience, spending significant time alone, but alas, nothing unusual occurs. Feeling disappointment, she leaves that room and continues investigating other areas of the building. It isn’t long before you hear Dave, another team member shout in fright, as one would do if they spotted a large shark in the water with them. This draws the rest of the team to that spot. It’s the same room that Gail had her experience in! What happened, they ask? Dave, who happens to have a great beard, explains he was in the room when he saw a shadow person instantly appear before him, standing in the doorway. Dave was so frightened by it that he ran out of the room right past and seemingly through the shadow person in an effort to get out.

I ask you to stop right here and think about the above. By now you have probably surmised that this might be an experienced time slip associated with the theory of retrocausality.

Until now, this theory stood without change, however with the coronavirus prevalent among us, it compels the question of how does an unexpected death affect that specific time line. Does the above time loop not happen if Dave, God forbid, were to suddenly pass, from the effects of the coronavirus for instance? Does the idea that time not being linear make the ‘effect’ change the ‘causation’ and thus Gail never has the above mentioned experience? Is this part of the quantum paradox taken into consideration? It might make for an interesting conversation, don’t you think?

  • MoonJoey

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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