Questions Should Lead To Answers

Over the last year and a half I have been a vocal voice criticizing the mainstream media in the way they have covered the UFO topic.  Although it’s been a blessing that the MSM has finally started taking this subject seriously since the New York Times article by Leslie Kean and Pulitzer Prize winning journalist, Ralph Blumenthal back in December of 2017,  the follow up stories have been both incredible and less than desirable from a journalistic point of view.  Yes, it’s an absolute positive the subject is being covered.  No longer are we hearing the cheapening of the story with X-Files music or reporters and anchors making fun of the topic.  This story has become a serious topic of discussion, as it should have always been since the days of Roswell.
I’m bringing up this topic because I had a great discussion with Ryan Wrecker, a great radio friend out of St. Louis, Missouri, who brings me on his show, Overnight America, on KMOX AM 1120 every now and again when he wants to discuss a paranormal topic.  For the last couple of years, we have discussed these topics which are always fun.  Ryan is both a skeptic and a professional journalist who asks the right questions and doesn’t belittle the answers.  He’s an astute host who isn’t afraid to give his opinion, but open minded enough to listen to the answers with both intrigue and understanding.  This is a rare commodity in today’s radio realm.  I suggest that you give Ryan a listen some time.  The last conversation we had on air came about politicians and UFOs, and the notion that Bernie Sanders was asked on Joe Rogan’s podcast on whether or not he’d release any knowledge on Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon if elected?  To which the independent Senator from Vermont stated he would.  His wife wouldn’t allow him to hold such secrets from the American public.
During our great but all too brief, conversation on Overnight America about political leaders and UFOs which can be heard here … I brought up the fact that there are a plethora of questions that haven’t been asked, which should be.  Why is it important? The public deserves more than just a skimming of the subject.  Look I have been very loud about the questions that aren’t being asked.  Here, for the first time, we see a number of politicians talking very seriously about this UFOs these days.  Likely, we can credit the To The Stars Academy along with the mainstream media for bringing this highly sensitive topic to the forefront of discussion.  But has the media, whether it’s talk show hosts, faces like Fox’s Tucker Carlson, Joe Rogan or others gone deep enough into the subject to make the story more credible than just military units like the U.S. Navy’s take on what’s gone on?  The answer is no, no they haven’t.  In my opinion this is also a detriment to those who want to know what is actually going on?
It’s easy to hide behind ‘National Security’ because if you’ve noticed, the word ‘threat’ always seems to appear when this subject is broached publicly.  Here’s one question that hasn’t been delved into too deeply.  What’s the threat?  Seriously!  Have we had UFOs shooting down military craft?  Are there any scenarios where these supposed craft have killed anyone?  Sure there are rumours, especially with the foo fighters of World War I and II.  There was an alleged incident with a B-52 Bomber in Viet Nam.  But nothing has become public.  Are there reports of people being killed by aliens, while driving in their cars?  What about ships, either military or civilian being sunk by anomalous craft?  Pretty obvious follow up questions. 
We have also not heard anyone in the mainstream media question the United States Navy deeply about this subject.  For instance, when in late April they released a statement they were now collecting a database for their pilots and crew members to report unusual phenomenon, stating they’ve never had this before, and any sort of sighting or interaction was never moved up the chain of command because no one knew who to send it to.  Really?  Sorry, but I’m calling bullshit, and the media should have, too.  The follow up question should have been, “If you haven’t been collecting this data until now, how did you have videos from the 2004 Nimitz incident?”  Simple right?  Yet no one asked!
Or what about the Pentagon in May coming out and stating they were familiar with the UFO topic and have studied UAPs?  You think one of these professional journalists out there would have asked questions like, “What about Roswell?”  Kecksberg anyone?  Marfa Lights?  Brown Mountain Lights?  UFOs over the White House in 1952?  Maury Island Incident?  Chicago’s O’Hare Airport Incident?  Where’s the follow up?  There are so many ways the MSM could have opened up the can of worms with the Pentagon, yet they didn’t.  As per usual when it comes to this subject, the media dropped the ball.  I mean the story is right there.  The Pentagon opened up the door, and the media shut it.  Does that make sense?  Even if you get the standard answers like ‘I don’t know’ or ‘That’s classified’, at least the question has been recorded and noted publicly.  
I’m not like most people, where I could care less about meta-materials, the technology behind the craft or if they’re a ‘threat’ or not.  What I want to know is the history of the stories.  There are more than 70-years of questions that need answering, and yes, it all starts at Roswell.  The public deserves the right to know about the government’s history of this subject.  After decades of denial and calling people liars and conspiracy theorists, we’re learning people like us were right.  They know.  They have answers.  Yet we are not pushing them hard enough to find out what those answers are.  It’s too bad really because the door is open to this line of questioning, and the MSM has yet to take advantage of the pressure they can bring to force the answers out.
As I’ve stated before, the media has never wanted this story.  It’s not because they’re infiltrated.  It’s not because they’re under government control.  It’s because they’ve been so naive and obtuse to this subject they felt they’d be embarrassed to report on it publicly.  That’s why there are so few trained journalists involved in the UFO field. Although the attitude may be changing, just look at Tucker Carlson as much as I’m not a fan of his, he is bringing attention to it.  He even asked President Trump about it, and received a pretty good response.  But follow up stories are necessary.  There’s a multitude of information that we need to know.
if we want to learn as close to the full truth as possible, we need the mainstream media to start asking the tougher questions.  History will tell the future of this story.  Otherwise we are going to continually be stuck in a controlled narrative, which we see being played out now, and that isn’t good for anyone who’s involved directly or indirectly in this field.  The media needs to step up their game and start studying the UFO past to make sure we are not screwed over by this subject, and those who are handling it, now and in the future.

Author: Dave Scott

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