Potential For Interstellar War – According To R Keith Andrews

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According to R Keith Andrews 

Potential For Interstellar War

A little clarification seems in order regarding the possibility of an Alien invasion.

Here is the most likely scenario based on my multiple discussions with various interstellar races:

1 – No warning.

2 – Sub-quantum EMP pulse fired from outside of the orbit of Mars.

3 – Destabilization of ALL orbits of satellites, debris and space stations causing terrestrial impacts.

4 – Simultaneous eradication of primary, secondary and tertiary governmental, and religious arteries and installations from outside the moon’s orbit.

5 – Landfall at multiple simultaneous incursion points.

For more detailed information on many of the potential races involved you can purchase Races of the Worlds directly through me at innervoiceenterprises@yahoo.com.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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