Patience Is Welcomed!

Dave’s Write Away
By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
Patience Is Welcomed!
I can’t remember when I’ve ever taken a week off of Spaced Out Radio.  Sure I’ve had the odd day off here and there.  Usually to travel and attend conferences around North America.  It’s a strong commitment to hustle each and every night to make this show happen.  But we get it done because we love to, have to, and are committed to making things work properly and efficiently.
It’s been just over two years since we set up the original studio at SOR Headquarters, and we hadn’t changed anything up since.  But, when we sat back and took a look at the array of gear, technology, boards, and everything that comes along with putting together a state of the art studio, we had too much and were not using the gear we had to its fullest potential.  Hence the reason for the week long shut down.  After nights of talking, tests, and pressing buttons, we got it figured out.  99.2% of the credit goes to our audio and technical advisor, Chuck, down in California.  How he was able to take our patchwork system and turn it into a thing of ease and beauty, was phenomenal.  You see, I like to stress out about such adventures.  Technology really isn’t my strength.  I know a bit.  Like how to use pots and turn my microphone off and on.  But when it gets into the behind the scenes technology?????   Well I’m really not the person for the job.  In fact, I don’t even try.  I do like to watch though, and learn from what those way smarter than me can figure out just by hitting a few buttons.  Now if only I knew what those buttons meant?
So we’ve re-fired up the show and I’m excited to get on the air again.  Exhausted from eight days of working hard, moving everything around in the studio.  Not a piece of paper was left unturned. Literally!!!  Now for our fans watching on YouTube, you’re likely not going to hear or see a change to what we’ve done.  And of course, there will still be tinkering to fix little glitches we will come across.  But now, the studio will be easier to operate.  Easier to generate audio.  Easier to use overall.  The bonus is we will still be able to bring high quality shows to you!
Now that this is over, there now becomes a movement for us to improve our YouTube channel.  Oh how I love learning to edit programming and creating thumbnails and graphics.  But it’s what has to be done.  We are looking at a number of new features to add to the channel here soon.  What are we looking to add?  Well, I get hit up with videos, photographs and audio of all sorts of things almost on a daily basis.  We’re going to start breaking down some of these videos and bring them to you.  We’re also looking at adding other features that includes people in specific fields of research for ‘Quick Hits’.  These videos are going to be quick, timely, and fun to watch.  So I hope you’ll check them out when we’re ready to go.

So thanks for your patience, and we’re back and ready to go!

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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