Nine Historic UFO Cases That Need Current Study

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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
Nine Historic UFO Cases That Need Current Study
UFOs?  What UFOs?  Where are these UFOs?  Where are the cases?  In the past three years there’s been a giant increase in coverage on the topic of UAP studies.  However, most of that conversation has revolved around the 2004 USS Nimitz case where, thanks to Luis Elizondo, Chris Mellon and their former To The Stars Academy, we have been provided p information and video evidence of what happened when American Navy F/A-18s came in close contact with unknown phenomenon in their training exercise area near Catalina Island in California.  But for many outside the UFOverse, there are some substantial UFO cases that have drawn attention, but really haven’t drawn recent attention.
Yet with today’s technology, I decided to look at some UFO cases with my good buddy, Paranoia Magazine owner and editor, and UFO Historian, Olav Phillips, to discuss some cases that really need adventures into reopening the evidence to push the subject further.  Some of these cases are well known, but for evidentiary reasons they could use reinvestigation.  The science behind the technology is ever improving.  Add to it the way people are digging further and further into these subjects, these are the cases I believe ufology needs to look at in a more modern environment.
Shag Harbor – On October 4th, 1967, hundreds of people on the southern tip of Nova Scotia watched an object come down and crash into Shag Harbour.  This incident was witnessed by civilians, members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, and the Canadian and United States Navy.  People heard a ‘whoosh’ sound, then a loud bang, as if a bomb had exploded.  At first, authorities didn’t know whether or not an airliner had crashed, and quickly recovery and emergency vehicles were sent to the scene. Shortly after, it was confirmed that all civilian aircraft in the area were accounted for.  Reports indicate a priority telex was sent to the “Air Desk” at air force headquarters in the Canadian capital of Ottawa which handled all civilian and military UFO sightings, informing them of the crash and that all conventional explanations such as aircraft, flares, etc. had been dismissed.  Both Canadian and U.S. Navy divers checked out the scene.  One conspiracy theory adds that divers saw the craft being ‘worked on’ under water by some sort of intelligence, however this has never publicly been proven.  But things changed the following day, when divers went down again, and found nothing.  Whatever was there, was now gone.  Disappeared, without leaving a trace.  Olav Phillips states, “There was debris that was dumped out of the vehicle.  So there was evidence.  A lot of times when things happen, whenever we hear about incidents happening, it’s like the U.S. takes over everything.  The Americans worked with the Canadians on this one making it a potential joint UFO recovery. I’m sure there’s still debris there.  No matter how hard you work to pick stuff up in water, you’re never going to get it all.  The technology to get to the bottom of the Harbour has moved forward.  We have the ability to go down there and find more debris!”

St. Augustin –  Everyone talks about the Roswell Incident.  But very few know that there was a second crash that same day.  It’s just over a two hour drive between the two, but St. Augustin in not as well reviewed a UFO crash site, according to Olav. “People saw stuff, but not a lot of people have come forward to discuss this case.  Even Jesse Marcel never talked about this case, when discussing Roswell.  Marcel had the credibility to discuss Roswell, and be paid attention to.  But no one had that type of credibility to come forward to talk St. Augustin. Roswell was more documented than St. Augustin.  Something crashed!  And if something crashed, there’s debris and evidence of a crash.  No one talks about St. Augustin, because they locked it down.  There’s a lot less to work with, but we know it happened on the same day and potentially part of the same event.”  This crash site was heavily studied by both the late Dr. Stanton Friedman and the late Art Campbell.  The theory is these two craft may have collided in mid air causing one to crash in St. Augustin and the other in Roswell.  Roswell got all of the attention because of the eye witness accounts.

Phoenix Lights – On March 13th, 1997, something big flew over Phoenix, Arizona and the surrounding areas.  Tens of thousands of people watched through the evening as lights, a couple miles wide, started lighting up the sky.  9-1-1 was going crazy as people were reporting strange craft and balls of light in the sky that were unexplainable.  No one seemed to know what was going on?  Military bases in the area were on full alert.  Fighter jets were scrambled.  But the craft(?) just seemed to disappear as quickly as it appeared.  The next day Governor Fife Symington held a press conference, walking an ‘alien grey’ in front of the media, saying they’d caught the culprit.  Although this move seemed to backfire on him.  Years later, he’d finally admitted to being a witness to it all. Olaf believes this one needs more involvement and time to look into, “Governor Symington minimized an experience people had to his citizens’ detriment.  There were over 100,000 eye witnesses including actor Kurt Russell who reported the craft to air traffic control while flying his private plane. Governor Symington downplayed this event because he was likely trying to make ‘somebody’ happy. Governors have political aspirations and I think someone asked him to down play it.  It’s a conspiracy theory that makes the most sense.  This case needs more investigation because of where it was, how many people saw it, along with the size of it.  We need hard core analysis of the photos and videos.  I think if we really messed with the tape with today’s technology, we could see the craft in the video.”

Falcon Lake –  Maybe it’s because of the location, but this incident has some of the best recorded evidence, that most of ufology doesn’t even know about.  In May of 1967, Stefan Michalak was walking along Falcon Lake in Manitoba.  The amateur geologist was prospecting for silver and quartz.  But an ‘other’ thing that was silver caught his attention.  He saw two cigar shaped objects. One flew away, and one descended to the ground.  Believing it was some sort of military project, Michalak sketched it for nearly half an hour before summoning the courage to approach the object..  He said it smelled like sulphur.  The door to the craft was open, with bright lights inside, when he looked in.  He yelled inside to see if someone would respond, but no one did.  Touching the craft melted fingertips of his gloves. Then the craft started to take off; Michalak was blasted in the chest which pushed him backward, setting his shirt and cap ablaze.  Phillips notes, “There’s trace case evidence that still exists today.  Mr. Michalak didn’t just see the craft, it physically burned him.  That’s strong evidence.  This case gets overshadowed because it happened in Canada. If this case had happened in the USA, it would have been easier to investigate, and there would have been numerous books on it.  That would have generated more material and research.  Canada doesn’t have the ufology strength that the United States has, for whatever reason.  We have human evidence that needs to be opened up, especially with the current technology.”

Thomas Mantell – On January 7th, 1948, fighter pilot, Captain Thomas F. Mantell was killed, dying in a crash of his P-51 Mustang at Godman Army Airfield in Fort Knox, Kentucky.  But how he died is a complete mystery.  According to Olav Phillips, Mantell died while chasing a UFO; a case that was investigated by Project Blue Book. “There’s radar evidence, and radio communications evidence.  He [Mantel] was a seasoned combat pilot.  The wreckage still exists somewhere, and with the technology now, we should be able to find out why Mantell’s plane fell out of the sky.  If he was suffering from hypoxia, he would know.  He knew G-Force.  He knew oxygen levels.  He knew how to fly.  He wasn’t a rookie pilot.  He would have known what was normal.  They say he was chasing Venus, but he would have known that.” Mantell had 2,167 flying hours in the Air Force, and had been honored for his part in the Battle of Normandy in World War II.  He was just 25-years old when he gave chase to this UFO, which was said to be 250-300 feet in diameter.  The incident happened in mid afternoon, which means a planet like Venus would not be seen in the day’s blue sky.  New technologies, if we could get access to the craft, if it’s still around, would be amazing for scientists to investigate, to see what kind of trace evidence still lurks on the body of the craft.

O’Hare Incident – November 7th, 2006, something strange happened over America’s busiest airport.  A group of twelve employees noticed a flying saucer hovering over one of the gates.  The craft was believed to be about 24 feet in diameter.  The incident at Chicago O’Hare was initially covered up by the FAA and United Airlines until the Chicago Tribune won a FOIA request saying indeed a United Airlines supervisor called the FAA to discuss the UFO. Witnesses say the craft shot straight up into the air, punching a round hole into the clouds.  Olav Phillips recalls, “There were so many professional witnesses. There was   radar There was air traffic.  There’s so much evidence to go through.  Dozens and dozens of pilots; professional, well-informed witnesses who have never come forward.  This one has been blown off because there’s potential of losing one’s job.  For fear of becoming a joke, people don’t want to come forward.  Most pilots, if you talk to them, will tell you they’ve never seen a UFO, but they’ve seen weird stuff in the air.  You just see it, and you keep flying.  You don’t report it because of fear of being grounded and losing your job.”

Cisco Grove – A weird one here from the dense forest of California.  Back in the fall of 1964, 26-year old Donald Shrum was out hunting deer.  But he got a lot more than he bargained for, according to Olav. “This was a battle between a man and an ET robot,  where Shrum was shooting at it with arrows from up a tree.  It’s unique, because most people who have an interaction with UFOs are victimized by them.  But in this case, Shrum fought back.  If he indeed shot that thing with arrows, he mechanically damaged it.  With any mechanical system there would be fluid and material left behind.  Same thing with a car wreck.  These materials could be scientifically analyzed.”  This incident lasted approximately twelve hours.  All he had to survive with were his outdoor prowess and his bow and arrows.

JAL 1628 – November 17th, 1986, a Japan Airlines 747 cargo flight travelling from Iceland to Japan was side by side with a pair of UFOs over the skies of Alaska.  Radar showed no other aircraft around the 747, when it reported in to Anchorage Air Traffic Control. The crew, led by Captain Kenju Terauchi, an ex-fighter pilot with more than 10,000 flight hours of experience, witnessed this incredible event. Cruising at 35 thousand feet, the 747 came in contact with two objects.  Japan Air Lines, shortly after the incident, grounded the crew for talking to the media about this incident  But there’s more to this according to Olav, “There’s lots of evidence!  Pilots saw it.  Flight engineers saw it.  There are radio traffic records on it.  You know they save that stuff.  Given where it was, there should be records at military bases like Elmendorf and Kodiak.  That entire corridor is heavily radared because of the close proximity to Russia, and back in the day, the USSR.  This should have been on radar which means this would involve NORAD.”

Prince George Lights –  Three hours north of Spaced Out Radio headquarters is the city of Prince George, British Columbia.  This city in the middle of the B.C. forest is a blue collar logging town, but many there have eye witnessed strange sightings from Bigfoot to UFOs.  On January 1st, 1969, dozens of residents of the then population of 30,000 witnessed strange lights glowing over the town. Here’s an RCMP report on the incident:

There was no sound.  Only lights, that seemed to move from 2 thousand to 10 thousand feet. Olav believes this is one of those great cases that we know very little about, considering where it happened.  Canadian stories don’t get proper investigation. “One of the things about Canada, is that Canada is a vector for things to come over the North Pole.  Canada is heavily monitored by radar.  That airspace is heavily monitored by Canadian and American radar.  There’s probably evidence hidden away in archives of them watching it.  Even though it happened January 1st, 1969, it was not likely a small fireworks show; it would not hover over the city as this did.  And any firework is not going to travel up to 10,000 feet.  The altitude makes it fascinating.”

There are hundreds more sightings and encounters we could look into.  But what I believe is that we need to obtain our UFO history and bring them up to today’s technology, while people are still alive to talk about them.  Learning the history of many of these amazing stories, and bringing fresh light to them may answer some subtle questions regarding the phenomenon across North America.  Newer ufologists may not agree with this type of thinking, but as we search for answers, we must take the time to remember the past.  Adding pieces of the puzzle together with modern technology will allow us to look at the incidents with greater focus.  According to Olav Phillips, looking into these older cases with today’s research may conclude some much needed scientific value in patterns to the sightings and experiences.  If nothing else, it allows the UFO community to remember this collection of stories that can be added to their catalogues.  For new researchers, or for those who are curious, it allows them to study other cases of significance, that happened in a time when eye witness accounts were all that we had.  Adding to the scientific or research evaluation may bring together some new clues as to what is truly happening with the phenomenon here on earth

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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