New Alien Experiencers’ Group In San Antonio, Texas

From Beyond
Not Of This Earth

By William Pullin, UFO Historian 

New Alien Experiencers’ Group In San Antonio, Texas

The UFO problem is a difficult and challenging issue to explore. One of the most troubling issues is the way the UFO issue is treated, and as a result, how UFO witnesses are treated. Unprofessionally, and at times, with a lack of common courtesy and respect. This needs to change. Researchers and witnesses need to be given the respect we all deserve as individuals. Such a change would be a huge step in a productive direction. Such a change would promote productive interactions. Such a change would promote constructive discussions. This does not necessitate any changes to the investigative process, but it does demand that all sides respect the other sides’ point of view. That is vitally important! My good friend Venus Miranda, has launched a new platform specifically geared for UFO witnesses. Her group, “Alien Experiencers” provides a safe platform for the open and respectful discussion of personal experiences which may be anomalous and perhaps, extraterrestrial in nature. I fully support her efforts in the local San Antonio UFO community, and hold her professional attitude towards the UFO problem in the highest regard. I strongly encourage anyone interested in her efforts to check out what her group has to offer. I count myself lucky to be a small part of her work, and her group. Thank you for your time.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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