Messages From The Deceased

If you have ever done serious paranormal investigation and data analysis afterward, you have joined the “frustration club” that puts you tantalizingly close to alleged contact with the afterlife but just not close enough to substantiate the contact. Things like one or two word evps or shadow people and even the growing in popularity “synchronicities.” But consider the spirit contact that we do not intentionally solicit, those things that happen “to us” and not from our own intentions and actions.

The following transcript is from one such experiencer, my interview with a woman (identity protected in this article) describing the unusual circumstances surrounding a claimed “visitor with a message” ….. her deceased father.

MoonJoey: OKay, so tell me again, what was this all about? You stated you had been experiencing headaches… just describe what was happening to you before the “message” came to you.

Woman: Some years back, I was working at a printing company, working long hours. I was okay during the week. I’d come home on the weekend and was always feeling tired, didn’t go anywhere or do anything because I just wanted to relax. But every weekend I would start getting sick to my stomach, couldn’t eat anything, started throwing up, wasn’t feeling really good by Monday morning but went to work anyway. By Monday evening, when I would come home from work, I was fine. It went like that all week. Then came the weekend, the same thing happened and I would get sick to my stomach and throw up, couldn’t figure out what was going on! By the third weekend, sitting and reading the Sunday newspaper and went through the whole thing. I normally do not read the section about houses, gardening, things like that. I kind of skip over it but that day, for some reason, having thoughts of my father who passed away when I was only 13 years old…

MoonJoey: how long had that been since he passed away?

Woman: it had probably been about 40 years since he passed away.

MoonJoey: please continue…

Woman: I kept thinking about him all morning, even while I was reading the newspaper. I hadn’t thought about him for a while. I do think about him on and off, it had been so long. I came to a part of the newspaper that I don’t normally read and it was about carbon monoxide poisoning, how not only can you get carbon monoxide from a car, if you go in a car, turn the car on with the garage door closed, but that you can get it in your home because if you have a chimney on older houses, sometimes the bricks and mortar collapse in your chimney and block the airflow. So, for some reason I read this article which I would never have been normally interested in. I proceeded to go down into my basement and opened the flue to my chimney and saw nothing but a pile of bricks! I then realized, “oh my gosh, I’ve probably been getting carbon monoxide poisoning!” I contacted someone to come out and check on this. The man that came out acknowledged the situation was indeed a probable cause of carbon monoxide and did the repairs. I never got sick again after the repairs were completed. Later, when I sat and thought about it, this was the reason I truly believe that I kept thinking about my father. I think he was trying to tell me to read the newspaper, especially that article, and to get help. And I thanked my father for it. I just knew that is how I got help, how he communicated with me without really communicating with me but something told me read that paper. I had kept thinking about him and I truly believe that is what happened.

SUMMARY: As a paranormal investigator, I have not dismissed the idea of contact from deceased loved ones such as this. These communications appear to be the only allowable connections to the afterlife by the cosmos. It is not by our choice but by “theirs.” At present, we lack the ability to achieve this link by our own doing, but it is comforting to know that as much as we investigate and observe the paranormal, someone is always there watching over us!

Author: MoonJoey

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