Keep It Weird My Friends

This Florida Man

By Kelly Eyer

Keep It Weird My Friends

Hello everyone, this is the president of the SOR beard club, with not so much of a news story, more of a commentary on life in general. You see, I hate the word “Normal,” not to make fun, but it just seems too “Tan Pants” for me. I love the weird. I love everything that makes your brain think. I have been a proud weird guy since I was first able to start remembering things, which was when my dad was stationed in Ft. Campbell, Kentucky.

My teachers apparently never thought anything of the pictures that I drew with oddly egg-shaped aircraft in them. In hindsight, I believe they were just helicopters we could see from the backyard of our base housing. However, all through school the kids always made fun, and I couldn’t understand why. I always thought they were weird because they were trying to be like each other, and it drove me nuts. The world would flat out suck if everyone was the same.

Now my brothers would actually encourage my weirdness because I believe they are weirdos as well. They snuck me into a matinee on the base where they had a marathon of the first 5 Friday the 13th movies. I was about 6 at the time and I absolutely enjoyed it! Yes, I am a horror geek. I love Sci-Fi. How could I not? I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. I’m currently wearing a red Star-Trek shirt and listening to Mushroomhead while writing this article.
I decided to write about this because even in the “paranormal” (umbrella term here) field, it’s the same ridicule and sideways-looking that people get who are in the field, be it ghost, Sasquatch, or UfOs. Others just look at someone who brings them a story with a bit of distaste. As a mainly UFO person, I know because I didn’t want to hear about those stories. It was only when I started having paranormal experiences in my apartment with my wife, and watched the docuseries ‘Hellier’  that I started looking into other things.
As most would consider me to be an atheist, and I suppose that would be true, due to not believing in a “God” or a “Devil,” I have my own opinions on what happens to you after you die. Again, they are opinions, and this would make a much longer story than I wanted to write to explain my thoughts on the afterlife
What is this story about my friends? Let the ridicule roll off your backs. Don’t associate with those who won’t take a look at something just because its not their field of expertise. Kick open those doors and take a look at everything. Nothing should be overlooked or tossed away just because it doesn’t fit your current belief system. It possibly could lead to another amazing story, my friends.
I am writing this because my wife and I are starting a new chapter in our lives here soon. Packing up from Florida and moving to Virginia, to a very old, and quite possibly, very haunted Williamsburg, which is right next to the original Jamestown settlement. So with that said, there may be some ghost hunting trips in my near future. They will be so close that I can walk my dogs to them as well.
Well, my friends, I do hope this has helped with just a little anxiety that you have with talking to people about your experiences, and if you ever need anyone to talk to, I am right here. Just hit me up on Facebook and I will give you a kind ear to bend for my fellow weirdos. Talk to you guys soon.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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