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UFO’Real? A Historical Review

By William Pullin, UFO Historian

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Greetings! Invalid Content. In today’s environment, the spreading of so-called fake news, misinformation, and disinformation, has become more and more common. This situation is most readily apparent in the current political arena, with both political parties being guilty of spreading false information about their opponents. Making the situation worse is the acceptance of such content by a large percentage of the general public. In recent years, this unfortunate situation has spread to the UFO field, with hoaxed, debunked, and unconfirmed content being spread and embraced by people in the UFO community. To be clear, there have always been cases that have been proven to be hoaxed, or invalid, that continue to be believed, and have become the stuff of legend, with the Aztec, Aurora, Maury Island, Kingman, and Plains of San Agustin UFO cases immediately coming to mind. By contrast, with the advent of the Internet and Social Media, the spreading of such content has become painfully common. The individuals who post and share such content have, in reality, become misinformation agents, spreading content that provides the public with false information, misinforming the public, and perpetuating stories that are not based in reality, or have been proven false time after time after time. How does this horrible situation change? It takes each and every one of us to not make irresponsible choices. Don’t post content that is clearly fake. Don’t share links that have not been validated. Don’t spread information that is misleading, or embraces debunked cases or testimony. This situation needs to cease! UFO investigators have a hard enough time searching for valid data and information without having to fight against this embarrassing problem. Note: Both images attached to this blog posting are hoaxed and have been making the rounds for the past few weeks on Facebook. Thank you for your time.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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