If This Is True, The Bigfoot Community Should Be Upset!

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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio

If This Is True, The Bigfoot Community Should Be Upset!
Last week, we had the pleasure of interviewing Carter Buschardt, an investigator for both MUFON and the Big Foot Research Organization, otherwise known as the BFRO.  In the first half hour of the interview, Carter dropped an unsuspecting bomb on the BFRO, with accusations that they are doctoring reports filed by their investigators.  Seriously, if this is true then this needs further investigation.  At the time of this writing, I have not contacted the BFRO or its head, Matt Moneymaker to confirm the comments, but it is something that I will be looking into further because it is necessary for us to learn and know if these allegations are truly going on.
In the interview, Carter stated that he’s personally submitted reports to BFRO, and has talked with other investigators who claim the same, where the reports were edited.  Why?  Because of the ‘WOO’ factor.  According to Carter, the BFRO is anti-WOO.  The BFRO, according to Carter, allegedly feel that entertaining any story that might have something crazy or supernatural that surrounded it makes the organization look foolish and unscientific.  In theory this makes sense.  The BFRO wants to try and uphold a reputation as a stand up group that stands above and beyond the rest in North America.

In their bio on their website, www.bfro.net, which you can read yourself, it states, “The overall mission of the BFRO is multifaceted, but the organization essentially seeks to resolve the mystery surrounding the bigfoot phenomenon, that is, to derive conclusive documentation of the species’ existence. This goal is pursued through the proactive collection of empirical data and physical evidence from the field and by means of activities designed to promote an awareness and understanding of the nature and origin of the evidence.”  This is a solid mission statement for what they are trying to accomplish with the BFRO.  It’s a great goal to have, as well as to let the public know and understand what the purpose of the BFRO is.  However there are some flaws as we continue with the bio.  “These large apes are spotted mostly in forested regions with abundant protein sources. Deer in particular. They consistently maintain low population levels in those areas, even where the protein sources could support dramatically larger numbers of them. Consequently they have never become an ongoing nuisance to human communities, or to human livestock.  Unlike gorillas and chimps, their family/groupings are small and mobile, making it very difficult for modern humans to hunt them.”  Can you see what’s wrong with this statement?  Let me clarify.

The truth of the matter is the BFRO is claiming Sasquatch is an ape.  The reality is this is wrong.   This is a foolish claim to make because it’s stated as matter of fact!  The reality is we don’t know what Bigfoot truly is. For the scientific community, they’re not even sure it exists because we haven’t found any tangible evidence outside of foot and hand prints, odd hair samples or scat, which when tested as DNA evidence, usually comes back inconclusive.  There’s no body to study.  The issue I have with the above statement of them labelling Sasquatch as an ape is the BFRO is coming to this conclusion based on opinion and personal belief.  This is NOT science.  There’s nothing scientific about it.  To mislead investigation is incorrect, nor is it right.  Trying to fool people to side with the BFRO’s personal conclusions is misleading, and we should not fall for it.  The BFRO doesn’t even argue their opinions are biased on their website.  Stating the following; “It’s a fact that for more than 400 years people have reported seeing large, hair-covered, man-like animals in the wilderness areas of North America.

It is a fact that sightings of these animals continue today. Real or not, these reports are often made by people of unimpeachable character. It is a fact that, for over seventy years, people have been finding, photographing, and casting sets of very large human-shaped tracks. Most are discovered by chance in remote areas. These tracks continue to be found to this day. It is a fact that the cultural histories of many Native American and First Nation peoples include stories and beliefs about non-human “peoples” of the wild. Many of these descriptions bear a striking resemblance to the hairy man-like creatures reported today. These are some of the facts. There is, however, much disagreement as to what these facts mean. To many, these facts, taken together, suggest the presence of an animal, probably a primate, that exists today in very low population densities. If true, this species, having likely evolved alongside humans, became astonishingly adept at avoiding human contact through a process of natural selection. To others, these same facts point to a cultural phenomenon kept alive today through a combination of the misidentification of known animals, wishful thinking, and the deliberate fabrication of evidence. The BFRO, and its members, take the former view.”
Once again, this proves the point that they have no interest in investigating reports that include Sasquatch sightings that tie to the paranormal, supernatural, UFOs or anything out of this world.  According to investigator Carter Buschardt, this is a bone of contention with many of the BFRO’s researchers.

Getting back to what investigator Buschardt had stated, if the BFRO is indeed editing reports because of the WOO-factor, then their basis for investigation is flawed.  Flawed to the point that could deem them as being untrustworthy.  Science is about investigating every path until it becomes a dead end.  Taking it as far as you can go until you have an answer or the evidence just ends.  It’s about coming to conclusions, not opinion.  Opinion is what kills and destroys proper scientific research.  If you’re eliminating legends, or potential ties to the paranormal world because you personally don’t believe in the WOO, then you’re not doing any favours to the community and you’re insulting the very people who came to you looking for answers to what they experienced.

If the allegations are true that Matt Moneymaker and the BFRO are editing reports, then we as a community need to make sure that we educate others into understanding that this is an organization that is looking out for its best interest and not the interest in the people who are filing the reports on good will.  That is egotistical and doesn’t help the community one bit.  These are also the same people who popularized the term, ‘SQUATCH’.  Real researchers like the late Dr. John Bindernagel have stated the term ‘Squatch’ has helped kill proper science into the mysteries and science around Bigfoot.  It’s too bad.  We could be truly getting somewhere if we investigated properly.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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