I Feel A Shift Coming On!

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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
I Feel A Shift Coming On!
For me, it’s important that every night I go on the air with Spaced Out Radio there is a level of professionalism and importance to the fringe topics we discuss nightly.  Why?  That’s what the fans, listeners, and affiliates expect from us, so it’s something we have to provide.  But for me, personally, I feel as if there’s a shift about to happen, and right now I can’t quite put my finger on it.  There just seems like way more that needs exploration in my own outlook of these topics.  Is it for the better?  That, I’m not quite sure of as of yet.
I notice that over the past number of months to a year, I have found myself growing quite frustrated with the way people are in everything paranormal.  I tend to shy away from the paranormal crowd because they just seem so aloof and out of control.  With no sense of direction of where they’re headed or what they’re trying to prove.  The Cryptid field, especially the Bigfoot crowd is much the same way.  Everyone is willing and ready to step on each other’s toes because of different beliefs or research techniques.  The UFO crowd is just as screwed up, ever since we aren’t allowed to associate UFOs with aliens anymore.  How taboo is that?
The cover ups.  The back stabbing.  The investigating in ‘Undisclosed Locations’ is so full of shit that, as a host who has done as many interviews as I have, it becomes tedious to try and sort out of the wheat from the chaff.  That’s the beauty of having a dude like Corrence The Booking Guy who takes care of the guests for me.  Without his guidance and fresh look on the entire phenomena, I’d be a lost cause.  For me, I think the problem is deeper than that. Let me tell you why?
Yes, I am a journalist.  Yes I am a radio host.  But I’m also an experiencer.  Although my own personal experiences have faded and calmed down, there are still a plethora of experiences I need to take the time to investigate and look at thoroughly.  There are many out there in my same position as experiencers.  In a perfect world, we’d be spending more time looking into the experiences themselves.  That, to me, is where all of the juicy information is.  This is why I tend to lead towards people like Grant Cameron or David Weatherly, with the way they investigate.  They go where the information takes them.  Could be a dead end?  Could be something more?  But they don’t close the door before they try.

One of the debates I’ve had recently within myself is whether or not to watch James Fox’s ‘The Phenomenon’.  Part of me wants to because from everything I’ve heard, the movie is supposed to be fantastic, breaking down the entire UFO aspect from a political and military level.  But the other part of me is like, why bother?  It’s the same cast of characters saying the exact same thing as they have on Tucker Carlson, Coast to Coast with George Knapp, the TTSA TV series ‘Unidentified’ and more.  We’re not learning anything new?  None of the hard questions have been asked, that need to be answered.  So what’s the point?  I probably will end up watching it because I hear it’s fantastic.

Maybe I’m just hungry for more ‘WOO’.  More personal stories of the extraordinary?  Are they still relevant?  Or has the tide turned?  What’s your thoughts?

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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