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  • July 1/22 - The ET Connection with R Keith Andrews
    R Keith Andrews is an experiencer and counsellor to those who've had experiences with extraterrestrials. Keith's life long contact has helped him develop an understanding of visitations by off worlders.
  • June 30/22 - Our Cryptid World with Varla Ventura
    Writer, researcher and author Varla Ventura joins us for Our Cryptid World. Tonight we are getting into monsters. We are looking at shapeshifters, and werewolves. Monsters that can transform their appearance.
  • June 29/22 - Astral Travel & Remote Viewing with Richard Benack
    Richard Benack is a teacher of setting yourself free. He's a specialist in both astral travel and remote viewing. His passion is helping people overcome road blocks in their life, as well as their own awareness to what their human consciousness is capable of.
  • June 28/22 - Past Life Regressions with Julie Parker
    Canadian researcher and hypnotherapist, Julie Parker, joins us to talk about how hypnotherapy can teach us about our past lives and what we do in between lives. Her personal awakening happened in 2015, and now she's all about helping others learn about how profound life is.
  • June 27/22 - Strange Days with Lon Strickler
    Lon Strickler, from comes in for his monthly show we call 'Strange Days'. Together, we will discuss the monsters among us, and the reports he's collected over the years about strange creatures lurking around.
  • June 24/22 - The SOR Round Table
    The final Friday of the month, host Dave Scott is joined by some friends to go through the month that was on the weird and strange. The panel brings their thoughts, ideas and debates and discusses the topics Dave throws at them.
  • June 23/22 - Ghosts and Museums with Steve Shippy
    Steve Shippy is a paranormal investigator out of Saginaw, Michigan. Growing up in an extremely haunted house turned him onto investigating the paranormal. Since then, he's investigated on television and all over the United States trying to find the secrets of the dead.
  • June 22/22 - Disclosure and Contactees with Jay Christopher King
    Jay Christopher King is an experiencer and an activist for Disclosure when it comes to those who've had contact with extraterrestrials.
  • June 21/22 - Dinosaurs and Time Travel with Barry Littleton
    For the last two decades, Barry Littleton has been a clear voice of research into the unknown. A stock trader by day, by night, he delves deep into the darkest topics of the paranormal, supernatural and spirtual. His interests and education have him seeking truth to topics such as dinosaurs, ghosts and even time travel.
  • June 20/22 - Open Conversation with our Audience & Guest Tim Seanor
    It's a rare night we get to take the opportunity to have our audience choose the topics, but this is what we're doing on Spaced Out Radio tonight. Host Dave Scott is joined by Tim Seanor to go over the topics du jour, coming from listeners like you!
  • June 17/22 - Seamonsters & Legends with Max Hawthorne
    Max Hawthorne is one of the top researchers and authors when it comes to the topics of 'paleo-fiction'. His love of the sea sees him writing about mysterious and looming creatures below the surface that still haunt and terrorize people today.
  • June 16/22 - Missing People with Steve Stockton
    Steve Stockton is one of the founders of the popular YouTube Channel Missing Persons and Mysteries. Steve looks into cases where people have mysteriously vanished without a trace. Where have they gone? Who or what took them?
  • June 15/22 - Ghosts of the Great White North
    MERLE is back for Ghosts of the Great White North where we take a look at ther paranormal from MERLE's eyes. MERLE is from Vancouver, British Columbia, and the founder of The Paranormal Road Trippers.
  • June 14/22 - Wartime Stories with Luke Lemana
    Luke Lamana is the deep voiced writer, producer and author of the ever popular YouTube channel, 'Wartime Stories'. The former U.S. Marine details and explains some of the strangest and oddest paranormal and supernatural stories from fellow soldiers, whose eye witness accounts from the battlefield will make you scratch your head.
  • June 13/22 - NDE's and Cryptids with Nicholas Shaughnessy
    Nicholas Shaughnessy is only 22, but he already has experiences of a lifetime. The young man has suffered through an NDE, or Near Death Experience. He's also an avid cryptid hunter after having experiences with Sasquatch.