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  • Nov. 27/23 - Strange Days with Lon Strickler
    For the final time of 2023, we say hello to Lon Strickler from for Strange Days. We'll take a look at some of the weirdest and strangest sightings and encounters people like you have claimed to encounter.
  • Nov. 24/23 - Is the Schumer Amendment Dead with Cheryl Costa
    Investigative Journalist, author and researcher Cheryl Costa joins us for some breaking news, as it looks like the UAP amendment, called the Schumer Amendment is about to be thrown out in the United States. We get more on this and more UFO news with Cheryl.
  • Nov. 23/23 - Searching For Paranormal Activity with Phil & Pauline Burn
    Phil and Pauline Burn are a husband and wife paranormal team based out of 108 Mile Ranch, British Columbia. The pair got started in their paranormal adventures, owning Fraser Valley Paranormal, in Abbotsford, B.C. Now, they spend their time chasing ghosts and monsters, looking for answers as to why spirits are sticking around.
  • Nov. 22/23 - Tarot and Spirituality with Simon Kenny
    Simon Kenny is an author, technologist, and educator whose work combines probing questions with technical thinking. He's a writer of spiritual beliefs and has a keen awareness of philosophy. From Ireland, he will also educate us on the power of tarot readings.
  • Nov. 21/23 - Serious Bigfoot Research with Thomas Sewid
    Thomas Sewid is an accomplished bigfoot researcher. From British Columbia, and now living in Washington State, Thomas is of the Cree Nation. He's known for touring researchers around 'Sasquatch Island' near Vancouver Island, where the big, hairy beast is known to frequent.
  • Nov. 20/23 - UFOs, Disclosure and Cover-Ups with Vinnie Adams
    Vinnie Adams is the host of the popular UFO podcast 'Disclosure Team'. He's a member of the UAPMediaUK, and a member of the Phenomenology Group studying mysterious lights in Columbia. He's an avid researcher of UFOs looking to help bring truth to the subject.
  • Nov. 18/23 - UFOs, Aliens and Nazca with Jean Broida
    Jean Broida is a lifelong UFO researcher and light worker. She has her Masters of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems, and undergraduate in education, psychology and language.
  • Nov. 16/23 - Time Travel with Aage Nost
    Aage Nost is an author and researcher into Universal Consciousness and Time Travel. He's studied everything from alien contact to NASA conspiracies. He also teaches meditation and manifestation.
  • Nov. 15/23 - Ghosts of the Great White North
    MERLE from the Paranormal Road Trippers returns to SOR with Ghosts of the Great White North. We are taking a look at aliens and UFO sightings and contact.
  • Nov. 14/23 - Code 12 with Melissa Tittl
    Melissa Tittl's latest project, 'Code 12', is an adventure into the unknown of occult, symbolism, history, and ancient codes that are left around the world for us to decipher. Melissa's passion for finding the answers to these questions that have haunted her take her all over the world to discover earth's sacred meaning.
  • Nov. 13/23 - The Urantia Book with Donna D'Ingillo
    Donna D'Ingillo is a reasearcher and author, with her special interest being the book of Urantia. It's a secondary spiritual journey that promotes a higher universe and level of consciousness.
  • Nov. 10/23 - Personal Yowie Encounters with John Kershaw
    Australian cryptid researcher John Kershaw has been on the hunt of monsters like the Yowie since childhood. Kershaw's YouTube Channel, called 'Creepers Cryptid', shows his seach for the Australian Bigfoot and the elusive Dogman.
  • Nov. 9/23 - The After Life with Stephen Chong
    Author and researcher Stephen Chong joins us from Australia to talk about 'The After Life'. His book can be found on Amazon. This is where take a look at what happens once or bodies are done here on Earth.
  • Nov. 8/23 - Science Bob & Friends
    It's that time of the month where Science Bob, aka, Dr. Bob McGwier, joins us for 'Science Bob & Friends'. Tonight we get into the resignation of Dr. Sean Kirkpatrick, the head of the AARO program, who is said to be stepping down from his position by December 31st.
  • Nov. 7/23 - The Spiritual You with Geraldine Orozco
    From Bay Area Meditation in San Francisco, California, Geraldine Orozco joins us for her monthly show called 'The Spiritual You'. A healer, and leader in consciousness and ET Contact, Geraldine helps those who are looking to heal themselves spiritually and physically.