Hellier: A New Way Of Investigating

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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
Hellier: A New Way Of Investigating

For the last five years I have interviewed a couple hundred investigators in each field of research when it comes to all things paranormal.  At the top of that list, I’d put people like David Paulides, John Tenney and David Weatherly.  Near the bottom, well, I’m not going to go that far and add names to that list because I think it would be unfair.  What I have noticed, and at times found extremely frustrating is the differences in investigation techniques, especially when it comes to what exactly we’re looking to solve.

This is why I’ve been so excited over the last year regarding what we’re seeing in the docu-series, Hellier.  Season one came out in January of 2019.  Season two was delivered to the public in late November.  I have to say that as someone who’s in the paranormal broadcast field, the Hellier series has been a breath of fresh air on a number of standpoints.  The team of Greg and Dana Newkirk, along with Karl Pfeiffer, Connor J. Randall and Tyler Strand are onto something and, in my honest opinion, publicly opened our eyes to the way investigations should be conducted.
I’ve always stated on the show that jumping down the rabbit hole in the paranormal is whirlwind of confusion.  It’s like opening a door.  Walking through.  Then on the other side of that door, there’s ten more doors to open.  And behind each of those ten doors are another ten doors.  It’s a never ending cycle of questions, dead ends, leads, clues and experiments.  It’s definitely not for those who get frustrated too quickly.  What I love about the Hellier team is they are opening each one of those doors, and going in full throttle.  They are not, by choice, leaving any rock unturned.  They’re going for it.  They know they’re onto something special.  What that special is?  Right now, we can only surmise.
What’s really important for this team is the they are not eliminating anything.  To be honest, it’s quite refreshing to see this.  Very few people are actually accomplishing this feat of investigation, and actually looking at the evidence while remaining open minded enough to know that this all is just plain weird.  Whether its synchronicities or coincidences, they are following the evidence and smart enough to pick up on what’s surrounding them.  Now this isn’t about any particular episode of Hellier or Hellier 2.  Nor is about one particular skill, like the Estes Method, which has proven to be highly successful.
What’s caught my attention with Greg, Dana, Tyler, Karl and Connor is they are learning and understanding that there is something tying everything together.  Like an invisible thread that connects ghosts to UFOs, to cryptids like the goblins, to psychic and synchronistic phenomena.  They haven’t shut the door on anything.  Following where the evidence takes them.  Why is this refeshing?  Because so many in this paranormal world claim to have answers.  When all they really have is, you guessed it……. Opinion!  The Hellier crew is proving publicly that closing doors before investigating is careless.  They are not allowing their personal feelings or opinion dictate what’s happening with the evidence they are finding.
Too many times we’ve seen in this field where people are hiding behind the words ‘science’ or ‘journalism’ to make their research seem more important.  They provide facts for supporting their claims.  However, when other facts are shown, they immediately poo-poo them because they don’t fit into the definitions of their research.  Once again, as a reminder, we must remember in breaking down science to its simplest of forms, science is the art of proving or disproving theory.  Everything on this planet is or at one point has been theory.  Too many times in the paranormal we see theory thrown by the wayside because of personal belief.  If we are to solve any of these mysteries, we must open our minds more to what may seem improbably.  Those studies are probably more valid than personal belief.
The Hellier crew, through their first two seasons, has run the gamut from paranormal to cryptids, UFOs, synchronicities and everything in between.  Had they held back, this series would be no better than any paranormal television show that we currently see on cable.  No.  This is different.  They are open and are opening to a multitude of realms and are walking roads they’ve never walked down before.  Their critics, and there have been a vocal few, have called the series boring.  Have stated that there’s not enough action going on.  Have stated that there doesn’t seem to be any focus to what they’re doing or what they’re looking for.  The critics have called this series fake, which is laughable considering this is the most real series we’ve probably ever seen in the paranormal.  To those who do not believe that Hellier is worth much more than a quarter in value, my response would be that those negative nancy’s really need to open their eyes more and see what’s going on.  There’s more to this entire field than this weekend warrior ghost hunting crap we regularly see.  Proving or disproving a place is haunted is not scientific.  It’s not even real.  How do you prove or disprove such a thing when you cannot control when spirits or ghosts are going to show up and ‘perform’?  Having the most gadgets and toys hasn’t seemed to prove too much so far.  Although, we’ll give the growing technology the benefit of the doubt there.
The critics need to open up and realize that what the Hellier team is doing is taking it upon themselves to look beyond where the current field is researching.  The best part about it is they’re taking us along for the ride as well.  This invisible thread that ties everything together is very real.  This team may be on the cusp of finding out what that thread is, and how it affects everything in the paranormal.  I, for one, am very excited about seeing where they take this.  We are watching something magical happen.  Maybe it’s ritualistic?  I’m not sure.  But what I do know is we’ve never seen anything like this produced before, and the Hellier team, whether it was their goal or not, are right now taking the entire paranormal field to school.  More people need to take notice, because this is the future of ghost hunting, cryptid and monster hunting, along with the aliens and UFOs in the sky.  It’s going to be interesting to see how the rest of the paranormal field tries to catch up.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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