So last week, we had an interesting development coming out of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. On the heels of the United States Navy and the Pentagon announcing they are now officially investigating UFOs, the FBI obviously wanted some of that limelight back, as they announced they’ve investigated cases of Bigfoot. So here’s the back story. In 1976, a gentleman from Oregon named Peter Byrne, who was well known in the Sasquatch community for searching for the big, hairy beast, responded to a report by two U.S. Forest Service employees who believe they saw some bi-pedal creature walking through the trees. Byrne responded as any good researcher would, and immediately headed to the area for what he called a credible sighting in the forests of the Beaver State. Both men who called Byrne, were biologists who were stunned at their sighting. When Byrne arrived on scene he was stunned by the immense denseness of the forest, with the large trees quite close together. In fact, in his mind, too close for any broad shouldered animal to get through. But as he looked closer, he was able to spot a tuft of hair attached to a piece of skin. After bagging the great sample, Byrne had it delivered to the FBI hoping to have the sample analysed to see if it was from one of the resident forest animals, or Bigfoot him/herself? The FBI gladly took the sample and said they’d look it over, although Byrne didn’t think the Feds would take his request very seriously. Then the communication went cold. So cold that at 93 years old, Byrne just found out four decades later, that the hair samples were indeed tested, analysed and discovered to be that of a deer. Much to the chagrin of the old time investigator. What’s interesting to me is that this story makes no sense. Let me explain. To me, the story isn’t the fact that Mr. Byrne finally got resolution after 43-years. It isn’t that the hair and tissue sample Byrne bagged was that of a deer. It’s the fact that why would the FBI come out with this story now? What was the purpose? I mean they literally forgot about this man for decades. They kept his evidence in the FBI vault for what? Only to come back and announce to the world that it was from a deer? That could have been done back in 1976 or 1977. Why take so long? This one immediately started making me scratch my head as when I look at it, I am wondering about the same thing about UFOs recently. That question for the FBI is, ‘Why now’? Why after all this time do you deem it necessary to come out with this evidence publicly? To me, it doesn’t make sense. None of this really does. As much as this is an issue, the other problem arises in the line of questioning. No one is asking this simple, yet effective question as to why even release it publicly. In the FBI’s case, does it not just make them look foolish or as if they’re hiding something other than a deer sample for 43-years? Does to me, and I’m sure many of you reading this. You’ve heard me in recent blogs writing about timelines. This FBI report comes just six weeks after the Navy announced back on April 24th they were now collecting evidence and introducing guidelines for their pilots and sailors to report anomalous craft while on duty. It comes three weeks after the Pentagon announced they’ve been investigating UFOs for years. After decades of ridicule, denial, sarcasm and lying, all of the sudden all of these government agencies want to come out and tell the truth. The truth that they have indeed been investigating these strange and weird sightings and happenings. I ask the question again, WHY NOW? What’s happened recently that has them all of the sudden playing the honest cards? That’s not like these agencies and military divisions. What truly has happened? Was there an event that has stirred up this intrigue in the public? Has something happened that we, as people of this planet, should know about? None of this makes a lick of sense. Now sure, there is a strong possibility that I may be reading a little too much into this, but honestly, I don’t think I’m wrong. I am one who is very confident in rolling with my hunches. My hunch on this one says there’s something to this Bigfoot release by the FBI, and I think it’s tied to the UFO game the Pentagon and Navy are playing. Does this mean Bigfoot has some woo-filled ties to extraterrestrials? No, not at all. My opinion, since this is what my blog is all about, is that something is up. I don’t kn

Author: Dave Scott

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