Erica Lukes Owner Of UFO Classified Podcast In Terrifying Domestic Dispute; Believed She Would Be Killed

In a terrifying domestic dispute, Erica Lukes, whose Podcaat is UFO Classified, allegedly had her life threatened by husband, Chris Marx.

He is a sergeant first class in the Utah National Guard, and was a sheriff’s deputy in New Mexico. He also had worked a private-sector job as a caretaker on Skinwalker Ranch, the expanse in eastern Utah that has been the subject of investigations into the paranormal.

Lukes had taken out a protective order against Marx for domestic assault charges. Lukes said those reflect an episode where Marx allegedly came up behind her, pulled her by the hair, tearing out a chunk, and hit her on the head. Lukes has alleged Marx has repeatedly violated the protective order.

Lukes and Marx are in the midst of a divorce. For now, Lukes is living in her fitness studio, Total Body Pilates, where she also produces her UFO podcast.

She says still fears her husband.

(Photo courtesy of Pinterest)