Elizondo Is Now Everywhere!

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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio

Elizondo Is Now Everywhere!


It was near the end of summer that I started hearing rumors that Luis Elizondo, the famed former head honcho of ‘AATIP’, might be spreading his wings and flying from the TTSA nest.  Near the end of October and into November, the rumblings started picking up steam.  As a journalist, when I hear something the first time, it’s a rumour.  If I hear it a second time, the potential story has legs.  Hear it again from a third or more sources, then the story has some legs.  Well by the second week of November, I knew it was happening.  I just didn’t know when.  Due to contract obligations with the To The Stars Academy I was told the departure likely wasn’t going to happen until January or February of 2021.  It may have even leaked into March.  However, as we now know, it happened in the beginning of December, which caught many, including most supporters of the TTSA off guard.  How could Elizondo, Chris Mellon and Steve Justice leave at this moment, when momentum and the ‘mission’ was incomplete?  We may never really know the truth to those answers, but Elizondo, the top face on the UFO mountain, has run with his popularity right into the open hands of the UFO crowd that has deified him.
Elizondo, since leaving his position with the U.S. Government to become the closest link between UFOs and ‘Disclosure’, has been put on a pedestal for the entire UAP community to gaze upon.  If we could all know what exactly he knew?  Aliens?  Crash recoveries? Contact? Abductions?  We all want to know Lue’s secrets but unfortunately, the majority of that information is so tied up in Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA’s) that the proud American veteran and patriot will never turn his back on his country the way he feels people like Chelsea Manning or Edward Snowden did.  It won’t happen.  Mr. Elizondo is a proud American first and foremost.  He’s more than proud to have dedicated his life up to this point in defense of his beloved United States of America.  It’s an honorable move that many will never understand.  It’s an honor that commands respect and dignity, as far as I’m concerned.
Since departing from the TTSA, Elizondo has vigorously and professionally been doing something that he wasn’t allowed to do while he was under contract with Team DeLonge.  He’s accepted the UFO world that was highly ignored by To The Stars, and has been on a three month whirlwind tour of podcasts, radio shows, YouTube channels, and blogs and vlogs, talking to anyone who wants to discuss this topic on a professional level.  Rumours persisted that many members in the TTSA were not impressed with the lack of love the UFO community was dishing out for the team that has in a short three year period given the UFO subject the publicity it deserved.  Sure there were some failures but that’s for another subject for another day. In fact, legendary investigative journalist George Knapp recently tweeted that Elizondo himself was quite taken aback by much of the hatred and backlash from the UFO community towards him and the TTSA.  It caught the likeable man quite off guard, to paraphrase the tweet.  
Skeptics of his motives are wondering why, all of the sudden, Elizondo is everywhere, and I mean everywhere. Wondering if there is some kind of motive behind all of his personal appearances?  If there’s some meaning behind his new ‘tour of duty’?  Those closest to Elizondo tell a different story.  Saying Lue, who’s truly a nice guy, wants to be one with the UFO community.  Lue has emphasized on the many podcasts he’s guested on the importance of the UFO Community and the brains of citizen researchers who participate on line and on #ufotwitter.  It’s actually quite apparent that Lue is trying to bridge a gap between the governmental side and those who’ve seen, studied or experienced the phenomena itself.  Will it work?  Time will tell.  UFO people, from the OG crew to today’s new wave of researchers are watching closely what the ‘main man’ is going to do next, post TTSA.  What’s he going to do?  What’s he going to say?  Will he open up about his own experiences that affected him personally?  Will he be allowed to open up about what he saw and researched during his years running ‘AATIP’?  What’s the motivation here?  We know it’s not money.  Yet!  But Elizondo’s brain is filled with juicy secrets that many may never see the light of day.  Right now the UFO community can only hope.
On Spaced Out Radio, we have our first ever interview scheduled with Luis Elizondo slated for Tuesday, February 23rd, starting at 9:00pm Pacific, 12:00am Eastern.  Lue has agreed to come on Spaced Out Radio for two and a half hours to discuss the matters at hand.  So far, we’ve heard the same stories.  The same compliments.  As well as the same blocks where he can’t legally give answers.  My suggestion to Mr. Elizondo, and this is written with all due respect, is this.  You’ve gone this far to repair any damage between the ‘suits’ and the ‘ufo community’, now let us learn about you.  You hold the keys to this space ship.  Help the community fly with you.  The UFO nuts out there want to be your biggest fans.  They’ve been waiting for someone like you to come along and help them show the skeptics and deniers in their lives that what they saw in the sky was real.  Lue, it’s time to open up, and show the humanity behind the man who everyone wants to be a part of.  This can be a very supportive community, if it’s shown support and love back.  I know you’re trying.  I know you’re giving it your all, but the public needs the answers from behind the façade.  They need you to be one of them.  Is it possible?  Well, with the whirlwind tour going on right now, we’re about to find out.

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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