David Paulides Is On To Something, I Think?

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By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio
David Paulides Is On To Something, I Think?
For the first time, I had the privilege and honour to interview David Paulides.  The former 20-year cop and investigator who now is the head of Canam Missing, www.canammissing.com and the face of the Missing 411 Series.  I have to say, going into this interview, believe it or not, I was a bit nervous.  David is a pro, and that’s why on any interview he’s conducted, they sound the same.  There’s little emotion, and all research coming out of his voice.  Now before I conduct an interview, I always call the guest before show time to say hello and introduce myself.  What a pleasurable conversation he and I had talking about experiences, bigfoot and hockey.  I had no clue that his son had done very well in hockey, earning an NCAA Div. 1 scholarship, and attended three San Jose Sharks rookie camps.  That’s a feat on its own.  Honestly, Dave and I could have talked hockey for three hours, instead of his Missing 411 series, but that was the protocol of the scheduled interview.  As you can tell, I love talking hockey with anyone!
Previous in my preparation for the interview, I had seen many accolades and some detractors to Paulides’ work.  As a fan of his work, I wanted to see what those who were criticizing his efforts were saying?  I saw comments about him making money off the anguish of others who’d lost loved ones without a trace.  Exploiting their tragic stories for his own benefit and popularity.  This was concerning, but after talking to him about this exact subject both on and off the air, I strongly believe this isn’t the case whatsoever.  These are cases, for the most part where the family is left living the horrors of their lost loved one, when everyone else has forgotten about them and moved on.  From the police, to EMTs, to search and rescue crews and the media.  Everyone has forgotten about the case and moved to the next one, while the family is left with a bunch of unanswered questions.  I think this is a perfect place where David and his team come in and help rekindle the investigation.  I didn’t sense any ego or self gratification from his words.  I sensed someone with character and integrity who genuinely cares about the seven thousand cases he’s looked into, where strange occurrences have taken place.  There’s answers out there, but if no one is truly looking for them, how are we, or anyone supposed to solve these mysteries and give the families some sort of closure.
I couldn’t imagine at all, hanging out in my yard or in the forest with my son or daughters, and all of the sudden, they’re gone.  Gone without a trace.  No clues.  No evidence.  No footprints.  They’re just gone.  I never want to know what it feels like to have to leave that forest or area without your child or loved one.  Knowing they’re out there, somewhere.  The feeling of undeniable fear and abandonment must be huge for those families.  The guilt that never leaves.  Should you go?  Should you stay?  Should you continue the search?   Just writing this makes my stomach churn.  Don’t like this feeling at all.  And with David, searching for the clues and piecing them all together is what he’s all about.  Someone has to bring attention to these cases and their similarities.  If we don’t, how can we ever try to solve what’s going on?  Just look at the clusters.  The top two in North America are first at Yosemite National Park, and in the Vancouver, British Columbia area, number two.  What is happening here.
The way David breaks the cases down from other missing person’s cases, opens up an entire new realm of strangeness.  Whether that person is found dead or alive, or not found at all, the idea that people can just vanish without a trace, or do strange things before they disappear for good is incredible.  If you haven’t read any of the Missing 411 books or seen any of David’s documentaries, then you won’t truly understand what’s going on.  It’s baffling some of the happenings that seem truly impossible.  Yet they’re happening.  How do you explain cases of areas being searched, then a few days later, clues, or the victim, deceased or alive, showing up in that exact same spot that was just searched.  Or in the case of ‘The Hunted’ documentary, where seasoned outdoor hunters vanish into thin air?  People who know the dangers of the woods.  Their bodies, their backpacks, their weapons, all gone with them.  No drag marks by predatory animals.  No footprints of any sort.  No blood droppings or signs of struggle?  How is this happening?
What I like about David, is he’s not jumping to conclusions.  He’s letting the evidence take him where he needs to go.  He’s not climbing aboard the ‘Woo’ train and automatically stating it’s something out of a sci-fi movie or book.  Sure, he’s admittedly a MUFON investigator the last 16 years.  Yes, he admits to tracking Sasquatch.  However, due to his professionalism, David is looking for logic in these illogical cases.  That’s to be admired.  Personally speaking, I’m all over the ‘Woo’ with my body wrapped in tinfoil.  After researching these stories, and now talking with Mr. Paulides, I’m convinced more than ever that this has to with alien abduction, Sasquatch or some sort of inter-dimensional portals these people are walking into.  Maybe it’s all three.  But the human abduction aspect seems very far fetched in many of these cases.  Human error also seems out of the question.  Especially where you see cases like the missing 9-year old girl in Ontario, who disappeared with her horse.  Where’d the horse go?  Or when people disappear while out on a bike ride, and their bike is gone as well?  How does this happen?
I’ll throw a GIANT, ‘what if’ theory out there.  What if these people road, walked or stepped into a portal, where on the other side everything is normal, yet on our side, they’re gone forever?  Can we actually rule that out?  Truth is, we can’t.  You or anyone else may not believe that is possible?   But remember, personal belief is not science nor research.  I could be completely wrong.  There may be logical explanations to all of this.  This is why Mr. Paulides doesn’t give his opinion openly on what’s going on with these cases.  What if there’s a logical, and scientific explanation that hasn’t been discovered yet that could open up what’s happened to thousands of people who’ve disappeared?
In any case, I know David Paulides isn’t about to stop when he’s on the craziest investigations he’s ever been on.  He wants answers and is searching for those answers.  That’s more than the majority of us are doing in anything we do in our daily lives.  Will he find the answers?  Who knows?  It’s going to be a long, arduous task that he’s intent on continuing.  And why not?  He’s carved out an impressive niche in the paranormal world that is second to none.  His work, in my opinion, needs to continue so we can all learn about the real issues that are happening outside of our little bubbles.  Real people.  Real cases.  It’s as real as it gets with David Paulides.  I only hope we did enough good things to get the opportunity to have him on Spaced Out Radio again.
If not, I’ll just lure him in by saying we’re now a hockey show!

Author: Gail Hodson Shirk

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