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What Does Lunar Dust Smell Like?

What does lunar dust smell like? (Photo courtesy of NASA)

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Why Glass Frogs Have See-Through Skin Becomes Clear In Study

Why glass frogs have see-through skin becomes clear in study. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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Fuzzy Green ‘Glacier Mice’ Baffle Scientists

Fuzzy, green, mouse-like glacier moss baffles scientists. (Photo courtesy of WAMU)

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Supercomputer Simulates Demise Of Neanderthals

Supercomputer simulates the demise of Neanderthals, and what caused it. (Photo courtesy of Smithsonian Institution)

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NASA Names New Space Telescope After ‘Mother Of Hubble’

NASA just named a powerful new space telescope for Dr Nancy Grace Roman, the woman who masterminded the existence of such observatories in the first…

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MIT Has Come Up With Fabrics That Can Monitor Your Health

MIT has come up with smart fabrics that can monitor your health. (Photo courtesy of MIT News)

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British Columbia’s Tagish Lake Meteorite Holds Clues As To How Life On Earth May Have Arisen

British Columbia’s Tagish Lake meteorite holds clues as to how life on Earth may have arisen. (Photo courtesy of

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Scientists Discover New, Colorful Glitter Worms

Scientists discover new, colorful glitter worms who dance and fight one another underwater. (Photo courtesy of Cnet)

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One In Million Super Earth Discovered In Deep Space

One in a million Super Earth discovered in deep space. (Photo courtesy of

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ISS Astronauts Experiment With Nickelodeon Slime

ISS astronauts experiment with Nickelodeon slime. (Photo courtesy of Action News Now)

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