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Programmer Locked Out Of Bitcoin Account Has Two Guesses Left To Access The $240 Million Account

Programmer who is locked out of his $240 million Bitcoin account has two guesses left to access the password on the account. (Photo courtesy…

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Shhhhhh! Dave Scott’s Christmas Gift

Hear ye! Hear ye!! To All Spaced Out Radio Listeners, Be ye Fans, Audience, Guests!  We have an opportunity to give our Host, Commander, Chief,…

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Woman Who Beheaded Owl On Video, Killed Outside Her Home In Columbia

A woman who posted a video of herself beheading an owl on social media was reportedly shot and killed Sunday by two assailants outside her…

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Lately I Find Myself Drained!

Dave’s Write Away  By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio Lately I Find Myself Drained! For the first time in years I don’t have the…

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Russian Hacker Group Claims Massive Attack On Televangelist Kenneth Copeland

Russian hacker group, REvil, claims massive attack on televangelist Kenneth Copeland. (Photo courtesy of The Independent)

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Furious Bride Unhappy With Wedding Gown Emails Bridal Company And Complains; They Write Back And Tell Her She’s Wearing It Inside Out

Kentucky bride writes furious email to bridal company after wedding gown arrives and looks nothing like the photos. Company writes back and tells her she…

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New Website Can Turn Selfies Into Zombies

A new website uses a generative adversarial network (GAN), a type of artificial intelligence algorithm, to zombify your selfies. (Photo courtesy of

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Father And Son Reunited After Nearly 48 Years

Father and son reunited after nearly 48 years. (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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Facebook Censorship Can Now Be Appealed By Oversight Board

Facebook users can now appeal censorship decisions by oversight board. (Photo courtesy of

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New ‘Robin Hood’ Hackers Donating Stolen Money

New ‘Robin Hood’ hackers are donating stolen money to make world a better place. (Photo courtesy of Decrypt)

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