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Large, Unusual Footprints Found In Leeds Forest Could Belong To Beast Of Leeds

A set of mysterious, and unusually large footprints found in a remote Leeds woods has sparked suggestions they could have been made by the ‘Beast…

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Starman Set To Complete Second Orbit Around The Sun

Starman is set to complete second orbit around the sun. On Wednesday, nearly three years after the car first launched, the tracker WhereIsRoadster showed the…

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After You Die, Microsoft Wants To Resurrect You As A Chatbot

After you die, Microsoft wants to resurrect you as a chatbot. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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Climate Activist Greta Thunberg To Appear On Swedish Stamp

Climate activist, Greta Thunberg to appear on new Swedish stamp. (Photo courtesy of Deccan Herald)

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Programmer Locked Out Of Bitcoin Account Has Two Guesses Left To Access The $240 Million Account

Programmer who is locked out of his $240 million Bitcoin account has two guesses left to access the password on the account. (Photo courtesy…

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CIA Declassifies 700 UFO Documents

CIA declassifies 700 UFO documents. (Photo courtesy of Mashable India))

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Coronation Street Actor Finds 4 Foot Royal Python On Toilet Seat

Coronation Street actor finds 4 foot royal python on toilet seat in bathroom. (Photo courtesy of BBC)

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Two Florida Men Accused And Arrested For Stealing Human Remains For Use In Religious Practices

Two Florida men accused and arrested for stealing human remains they used in religious practices. (Photo courtesy of Google Maps)

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Canadian High School Sweethearts Reunited And Married After Seven Decades

Canadian high school sweethearts reunited and married after seven decades. (Photo courtesy of CNN)

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Astronomers Keeping Close Watch On Next Star Over

Astronomers are keeping a close watch on next star over. (Photo courtesy of Almy)

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