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University Of Tehran Robot Drills Through Wall, Takes Selfie

Tehran shows robot drilling through wall and snapping a selfie. (Photo courtesy of University of Tehran)

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Tough Tires Will Be Needed On Moon

Tough tires will be needed on the moon. (Photo courtesy of Bridgestone)

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Failed Demolition Leaves Behind Leaning Tower Of Dallas

Failed demolition leaves behind Leaning Tower of Dallas. (Photo courtesy of NY Daily News)

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Jet-Powered Wingsuit Takes Off From Ground In Dubai For High Altitude Flight

Jet-powered wingsuit takes off from the ground in Dubai for a high altitude flight. (Photo courtesy of Global Village Space)

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Neanderthal Skeleton Found In Shanidar Cave; Revealing Burial Information

Neanderthal skeleton found in Shanidar Cave in Iraqi Kurdistan; it’s helping reveal how the Neanderthals dealt with their dead. (Photo courtesy of Graeme Barker)

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Hospital Sends Shooting Victim Home With Band Aid Over Bullet Lodged In Her Head

Hospital sends shooting victim home with band aid over bullet lodged in her head. They told her she was just grazed by bullet. (Photo…

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We Finally Know How Millipedes Have Sex Thanks To Glowing Genitals

We finally know how millipedes have sex, thanks to glowing genitals. ( Photo courtesy of Alloporus)

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Uber Driver Shoots At Passengers After They Tell Him He’s Driving Wrong Way

Louisiana Uber driver shoots at passengers after they tell him he’s driving the wrong way. daily/article/4e7cff4eb271eca2c5f3fb8a7f2cc4b8/police-uber-driver-who-drove-wrong-way-shoots-passengers (Photo courtesy of NY Daily News)

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McDonalds Employee Hears Demonic Sounds, Screaming Woman Inside Restaurant

In Pueblo, Colorado a terrified McDonald’s employees called police after hearing “demonic sounds from a screaming woman” inside the restaurant. (Photo courtesy Towinn)

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French Ski Resort Airlifts Snow In To Stay Open

French ski resort uses helicopter to airlift snow in so it can stay open. High temperatures have meant no snow. (Photo courtesy of WION)

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