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Scientists Trying To Save Lake Titicaca ”Scrotum Frog”

Scientists are joining forces in trying to save a giant frog. It lives its entire life in the waters of Lake Titicaca and nearby lagoons….

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Ohio Man Loses Nearly 200 Pounds To Ride Dream Roller Coaster

Ohio man loses nearly 200 ponds so he can ride dream roller coaster. (Photo courtesy of

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Scientists Identify Key Enzyme Behind BO

Scientists identify key enzyme behind BO. (Photo courtesy of

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Joker Seen Riding Jet Ski In Waters Off Gotham City

Joker seem riding jet ski in waters off Gotham City. (Photo courtesy of News Break)

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Chinese Students In Australia Targeted In Fake Kidnapping Scams

Chinese students in Australia are being targeted in fake kidnapping phone scams, extorting families out of millions of dollars in ransoms. (Photo courtesy of…

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Life-Sized Monopoly Board Created On Driveway

Minnesota woman who loves game of Monopoly has created life-sized Monopoly board on her driveway. (Photo courtesy of KBJR)

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Here We Go Again!

Dave’s  Write Away By Dave Scott, Host, Spaced Out Radio Here We Go Again! The UFO World hit the big screen, err, I should say…

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UFO Sightings Across Canada Have Spiked During Pandemic

UFO sightings across Canada have spiked during the pandemic. (Photo courtesy of CTV News)

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Washington Post Settles $250 Million Lawsuit With Covington Teen, Nick Sandman

The Washington Post settles $250 million lawsuit with Covington teen, Nick Sandman. (Photo courtesy of Storyful)

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Turk The Turkey’s Traveling Days May Be Done; Evidence Indicates The Coyote Got Him

Turk the Turkey appears to be done with his traveling days. Maintenance crews at Columbus Manor discovered evidence indicating that Turk had been snatched by…

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