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China Plans To Build Own Yellowstone On Tibetan Plateau

China plans to build its own Yellowstone on Tibetan plateau. (Photo courtesy of Taiwan News)

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Louisiana High School Put On Lockdown; Student Wields Stapler Mistaken For Gun

Louisiana high school is put on lockdown, because a student brandished an open stapler, wrapped in a bandana, that was mistaken for a gun.…

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Deer-Like Animal, Size Of Rabbit, Photographed First Time In 30

A deer-like animal, thought to have been lost to science, has been photographed for first time in 30 years. The chevrotain, about the size of…

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Australian Firefighters Leave Note Behind Expressing Pleasure They Could Save House; And They Owed Owner Some Milk

Australian firefighters who saved man’s home left heartwarming note behind, expressing how happy they were to have been able to save his house. Then added,…

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How ‘Honor Flight’ Helps Veterans Reflect

How ‘Honor Flight’ helps veterans reflect. (Photo courtesy of Hub City Times)

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Someone In Coeur d’Alene, Idaho Keeps Hiding Anti-Trump Books

Whodunit in the library? Someone who visits the Coeur d’Alene, Idaho library keeps hiding the anti-Trump books in obscure places so readers can not find…

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Florida Man Goes Hog Hunting, Gets Bitten By 10 Foot Alligator

Florida Man goes hunting for a hog on opening day of season, gets his leg bitten by a 10 foot alligator instead. It took rescuers…

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Hockey Mainstay Of 40 Years, Don Cherry, Fired Over Saturday Night Xenophobic Rant

Don Cherry, a hockey mainstay for 40 years, has been fired from Sportsnet for a toxic rant during his show on Saturday night. He aimed…

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Dutch University Offers Students A Grave To Lie In So They May Think On Life

A Dutch university offers students a grave to lie in so they may think on life. They may lie in it from 30 minutes to…

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Skeleton Of World’s Oldest Meat Eating Dinosaur Found In Brazil

Skeleton of world’s oldest meat eating dinosaur found in Brazil. (Photo courtesy of SWNS)

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