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Man Jailed After Punching £20 Million Picasso In Tate Modern Art Gallery

Man jailed after punching £20 million Picasso painting and ripping it from the wall in Tate Modern art gallery. (Photo courtesy of BBC)

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Florida Man Steals Lottery Tickets; Tries To Cash In $30 Winner At Same Store

Florida Man steals lottery tickets; tries to cash in $30 winner at the same store. (Photo courtesy of  Clear Water Police Department)

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It Soon May Be Against The Law Not To Walk Your Dog In Germany

It soon may be against the law not to walk your dog in a Germany. (Photo courtesy of AP)

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Ninja Museum Robbed In Japan; More Than Million Yen Taken

A ninja museum has been raided in Japan, with thieves making off with more than a million yen (£7,100). (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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Coquitlam Little League Missing About $230,000 From Bank Account

Coquitlam Little League is missing about $230K. After families expecting refunds from Coquitlam Little League for the cancelled 2020 season began raising concerns they weren’t…

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North Koreans Have Been Ordered To Hand Over Pet Dogs For Meat Consumption

North Koreans have been ordered to hand over their pet dogs, to be used for meat consumption. Dictator Kim announced in July that owning a pet…

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Cat Loves Stealing Neighbors’ Shoes; Owner Made Facebook Group To Return Footwear

Cat loves stealing neighbors’ shoes. Owner made Facebook group to return footwear. (Photo courtesy of

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Chicago Looters Trashed Ronald McDonald House With 30 Frightened Families Inside

Chicago looters trash Ronald McDonald House, a residence for families and sick children who are receiving treatment at Lurie Children’s Hospital. There were 30 frightened…

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Florida Woman Charged In Shooting Outside Grocery Store; Couple Wouldn’t Get Out Of Her Way

Florida woman charged in shooting outside grocery store. The disagreement arose out of couple not getting out of her way. (Photo courtesy of AP)

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Two Men Charged After Bringing Chainsaws To Altercation At Cherry Beach Park

Chainsaw wielding men at Cherry Beach charged after bringing weapons to an altercation. (Photo courtesy of Toronto Sun)

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