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Ghosts of Grandparents Convinced Mobster John Pennisi To Become Government Turncoat

Lucchese mobster John Pennisi says he got an earth-shaking message from the great beyond via his deceased grandparents that convinced him to become a government…

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Florida Man Accused Of Killing An Iguana Wants Charges Dismissed On Basis Of Stand Your Ground Law

Florida Man, accused of killing an iguana, wanted charge of animal cruelty dismissed on basis of ‘Stand Your Ground’ law. (Photo courtesy of Tampa…

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Florida Man Arrested After Humping Tree And Running Down Street Naked

Florida Man was arrested after doing very “Florida Man” things, including humping a tree and running down a street in the nude. (Photo courtesy…

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High Court Nixes Alex Jones’ Appeal In Newtown Shooting Case

High court nixes Alex Jones’ appeal in Newtown shooting case. (Photo courtesy of USNews)

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Nike Not Involved With Lil Nas X’s Satan Shoes

Nike has denied any involvement with Lil Nas X’s red and black satan shoes, which feature a bronze pentagram and inverted cross, contain “one drop” of…

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Former Panda Express Employee Claims She Was Pressured To Strip To Underwear In Front Of Colleagues And Strangers In ‘Trust Building’ Exercise

A former Panda Express employee said she was pressured to strip to her underwear in front of colleagues and strangers during a “trust-building” exercise, according…

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Late Businessman’s Dog Inherits $5 Million

Late businessman’s dog inherits $5 million. (Photo courtesy of UPI)

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Former TSA Agent Accused Of Tricking Traveler Into Showing Her Breasts As She Went Through Security At LAX

A former Transportation Security Administration agent accused of tricking a traveler into showing her breasts as she went through security at Los Angeles International Airport….

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Man Accused Of Stealing San Francisco Zoo’s Lemur Has Been Ordered To Stay Away From Zoo

Man accused of stealing San Francisco Zoo’s lemur has been ordered to stay away from the zoo. (Photo courtesy of AP)

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Russia Barred From Major Sports Competitions For Two Years For Doping Scandal

At the Court of Arbitration for Sport in Switzerland, a decision was made to bar Russia from the Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Tokyo next…

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