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ISS Spiders Found Hack To Build Webs Without Gravity

International Space Station spiders have found a hack to build webs without gravity. (Photo courtesy of Gizmodo)

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Four Lions In Barcelona Zoo Test Positive For Coronavirus

Four Lions at Barcelona Zoo in Spain have tested positive for coronavirus, veterinary officials say. (Photo courtesy of Sky News)

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Mt Everest Officially Higher Than Previously Calculated

The world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest, is 0.86m higher than had been previously officially calculated, Nepal and China have jointly announced. (Photo courtesy of…

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Italian Man Goes For Walk To Cool Down After Fight With Wife; Walks 280 Miles

An Italian man stepped outside to cool off after quarrelling with his wife, ended up walking 450km (280 miles). (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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Divers Accidentally Stumble Upon Nazi Enigma Machine In Baltic Sea

Divers accidentally stumble upon Nazi enigma machine in Baltic Sea. (Photo courtesy of Florian Huber)

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Ex-Head Of Israeli Space Agency Says Aliens In Hiding Until Mankind Ready For Them

Ex-head of Israeli space agency says aliens are in hiding until mankind is ready for them. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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This Week Live On Spaced Out Radio

This Week Live On Spaced Out Radio Monday – Friday 9:00 PM to 12:00 AM KONR Digital Radio (PRAISE BE) KDNF AM 1560, Daingerfield, Texas…

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Japanese Entertainment Complex Unveils 59 Foot High Moving Gundam Robot

Japanese entertainment complex unveils 59 foot high moving Gundam robot. (Photo courtesy of YouTube)

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Egyptians Awaiting Procession Of Royal Mummies To New Home

Egyptians await procession of royal mummies to new home. (Photo courtesy of Getty Images)

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China’s Space Ambitions: Robot On Mars, Human On Moon

China’s space ambitions include a robot on Mars and a human on the moon. (Photo courtesy of AP)

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